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Another mutilated greyhound found

ANOTHER IRISH greyhound has been found cruelly mutilated and abandoned by its owners, obviously rejected as unsuitable for racing. The dog was discovered by a woman in Tipperary last weekend, who found the dog abandoned close to her home.

The greyhound - a young female - had her scalp mutilated and both her ears removed, to prevent identification by ear tattoo numbers. This horrific act appeared to be carried out by someone using a crude blade as the skin was hacked and infected.

Bernie Wright, spokesperson for Greyhound Action Ireland said: “As Greyhounds are tattooed on both ears to identify them for racing and coursing purposes this barbaric practice is becoming all too common in Ireland and the UK. Many dogs have been found both alive and dead minus their ears.”

The dog, named Fionn by her rescuers, is now in the care of Tipperary Friends Of Animals charity.
Ms Wright added: “Greyhound Action Ireland is horrified that an Industry that races dogs for profit and that is clearly responsible for their demise is allowed continue this butchery with impunity.

Accountability which is being sought as to ownership of these defenceless animals is not enough to end their suffering.”

Two months ago a Waterford man was walking his dog by the river bank. He came across the dead bodies of three greyhounds, their throats had been cut and their ears had been removed.

The Greyhounds were found in the river near Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland. The dogs were reported to the police, who felt they could not act without some identification. With the dogs ears gone the tattoos had been removed. This follows a similar incident in Kerry a few months ago.

Greyhound Action Ireland have called for a full enquiry into this case by Bord na gCon and the Gardai. Justice might be able to be pursued in the same way it was in a case in the UK, where a dog named Rusty also had his ears cut off. The perpetrator was nevertheless found and punished.