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KCS owner avoids ASBO

A court has refused to impose an antisocial behaviour order on a pet owner who failed to clean up after his dogs.

Ieuan Pritchard, 57, from Abergele, north Wales, admitted six offences of leaving dog mess at a beach and car park in February.

At Llandudno magistrates, Pritchard was fined £300 and ordered to pay £130 for prosecution costs.

Court chairman Graham Roberts said :’Mr Pritchard's actions were antisocial. It's wrong to allow one's dogs to foul any area such that the general public have to step in the stuff. However, Asbos were originally brought in to protect the public from worse scenarios than we have heard’.

Prosecuting counsel Stuart Dunn said that a dog warden had seen Pritchard with three King Charles spaniels at Pensarn and Abergele in February.

The court heard one of the dogs had fouled a car park and two fouled the beach, and that Pritchard had refused to give his name and said that he did not need to clean up after them.

Defence solicitor Elen Parry said Pritchard, who did not appear in court, had learned his lesson.