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Labrador Archie catches train home!

A black Labrador decided to catch the train home in Aberdeenshire after becoming separated from his owner.

The black labrador, Archie, boarded the First ScotRail train from Aberdeen to Inverness at Inverurie Station.

His owner, Mike Taitt, from Oyne, feared the worst after the eight-year-old dog disappeared. However, he received a phone call to say Archie had stepped off the train at Insch Station and was waiting for him - just three miles from his house.

Mr Taitt said: "Archie is very intelligent and definitely has a mind of his own. I think he got on that train because he thought I was on it.

Mr Taitt, who has an interest in trains, had been driving home when he decided to stop at Inverurie Station to look at the Royal Scotsman train, which was in the station.

He left Archie on one of the platforms and went across the bridge to look at the train but by the time he returned his dog was already on the 8.05 service to Inverness!