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‘Pit bull’ kills cat

A LONDON couple have offered a reward for information about the owner of an alleged ‘pit bull’ that mauled their cat to death whilst they were on holiday.

Gail Counsell and John Cook heard how the dog pounced on Murphy as he sat outside the couple's home in Flask Walk, Hampstead. Neighbours who saw the horrific attack brought the dead cat to Ms Counsell's parents, who were looking after her home.

Ms Counsell said: "We feel something has to be done to prevent this happening again."

Mr Cook added: "We have had many people calling to say how much they loved Murphy, who was a bit of a local character.

He was incredibly friendly and gentle."

The pit bull owner apparently hammered on a neighbour's front door to ask for a bucket of water to throw over the dog, which had hold of Murphy. After the dog had dropped the cat, the owner and his friend were seen leaving with the ‘pit bull’.

But there is still an illegal trade in American pit bulls in Britain.

Ms Counsell said: "The Dangerous Dogs Act seems to have passed into history as some kind of joke. Some people think it is funny when dogs chase cats.

Mr Cook said: "We are hoping someone who knows this dog will realise the risks that are involved and will come forward."

The couple reported the killing to the police and put up posters asking for information. The owner is thought to be local, in his mid-20s and white with dark curly hair.

Anyone with information should call the Metropolitan Police on 020-7404 1212, quoting crime reference 2331272/05.