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Classical Training For Guide Dog Recruits

GUIDE DOGS in training in Scotland are being soothed by classical music in an attempt to make them more attentive.

Paul Garty, of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, said:

“We’re putting the dogs through quite a tough training regime, so it’s essential that they are as relaxed as possible because stress inhibits their ability to learn. We’re using classical music to transform the kennels into a chill-out zone.”

About a hundred guide dogs are housed at the charity’s kennels in Forfar at any one time. Mr Garty said he had installed six digital radios at the site and had them tuned to Classic FM all day long.

"It’s really helping to calm the dogs down. It’s amazing how fast it’s worked — it’s definitely done the trick. Pop music is too loud and noisy while rock and metal is too scary for them."