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Greyhound demo At Yarmouth

OVER 40 GREYHOUND welfare campaigners held a successful demonstration outside Yarmouth Stadium to coincide with a big dog racing night being held there on Saturday, September 10th.
The protesters held anti-greyhound racing banners and placards and gave out leaflets to people going into the stadium.

Tony Peters, National Co-ordinator of greyhound protection group Greyhound Action, said later: "It was one of the biggest race-nights of the year at Yarmouth Stadium and we wanted to educate punters about the suffering and slaughter caused by the greyhound racing industry and urge them not to attend or bet on dog racing ever again.

"A good percentage of the people going into Yarmouth Stadium took our leaflets and we hope that, after reading them, they'll make that their last night at the dogs".

If you would like to support the campaign to protect greyhounds, Greyhound Action can be contacted at PO Box 127, Kidderminster, DY10 3UZ, on 01562 745778 or at