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Owner rescued by hero dogs

TWO dogs carried out a rescue that could have come straight out of a Lassie movie after their epileptic owner fell and became trapped, holding on to a tree branch, dangling above a 60ft sheer drop.

Mongrels Suzy and Sweep were out walking with Audrey Lyford, who was looking for her cat, Sooty, near her home in Primrose Hill, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Audrey lost her footing in the dark and tumbled 30ft down an embankment. She grabbed a tree and stopped her fall - just inches from a sheer 60ft drop on to a plateau next to the River Holme.
Audrey, 23, managed to get out her mobile phone with her free hand to ring 999.

But when she was on the phone to emergency operators she had an epileptic fit.

Meanwhile, her mum Deborah was at home in nearby Wood Terrace and heard the two dogs barking. When she opened the front door the two pets barked at her, apparently urging her to follow them, in Lassie fashion.

Deborah, 46, said: "It was like they were telling me to come with them.I couldn't see or hear Audrey, so they took me to her."

Deborah said that when she saw her daughter dangling from the branch she went cold, especially as she was unable to reach her to help her to safety.

She said she even thought about getting a rope and trying to go after her daughter herself. But luckily at this point the emergency services arrived, having been alerted by Audrey’s call.. During a tense one-hour operation they discovered that Audrey was suffering a fit as she clung on.

They strapped her to the tree before hoisting her up and taking her to hospital by ambulance.
Apart from whiplash injuries, Audrey was relatively unhurt.

Deborah said she was just pleased to see her daughter safe, adding: "Suzy and Sweep are heroes. They have already been given treats, but they deserve something extra-special for their heroics."