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Alpha supports Lurcher Welfare

Cheryl and devoted Canine Partner Orca

THE excellent work carried out by the team at Lurcher World has been recognised by Retford-based Alpha Feeds.

As well as running shows and events to promote the breed, Lurcher World also offer welfare advice to Lurcher owners and help in finding new homes for racing dogs that are being retired or don’t show a natural ability for competition work.

Ryck Turner of Alpha Feeds said: "We are delighted to support Lurcher World they provide a lot of useful advice and information on how Lurcher’s should be looked after and what they require to live a healthy, active life.

"The welfare issues surrounding racing dogs that have come to the end of their competition days is well documented but the work carried out by Lurcher World deserves recognition and the sponsorship we provide helps to make a difference."

The work and promotion undertaken by Lurcher World ranges from shows and events to racing and welfare.

Lurcher World is the brainchild of Jeff Smith who said: "We really appreciate the support from Alpha Feeds, it is a great help.

"The sponsorship they provide, including food for prizes is a real assistance and we are delighted to work with Alpha to help promote Lurchers and their welfare."