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A DEVON company that has developed a reputation for innovation for pet food products is celebrating after successfully launching a new cooked meat product.

Forthglade Ltd has demonstrated a clear need for good, naturally cooked food and since launching the Lifestage range in January, sales have passed expectation.

This commitment to natural food has enabled the Winkleigh-based business to successfully expand its core products and secure a bright future in the face of stiff competition nationally.

Forthglade Ltd took twelve months to develop the new product and, in conjunction with Forthglade's food technologist, the company has brought out a range of five Lifestage products formulated to maintain a natural, healthy, balanced diet for dogs, throughout their lives.

“We are delighted with the success of the new Lifestage product range,” said managing director Martin Heal. “We had been aware that our existing flavour driven menu range was not compatible with the present trend to feed pets according to their age. We are pleased that the Lifestage menus have proved so successful.”

The Lifestage menu range consists of The Complete Puppy Menu, The Complete Adult Menu, in chicken or lamb, and The Complete Senior Lite Menu, in chicken or lamb. Each product is made with brown rice, vegetables, seaweed and herbs. These finest, fresh natural ingredients are vacuum sealed and gently steamed to retain all of the natural goodness.

Forthglade Ltd is a remarkable Devon success story. After being established in 1971 to supply the pharmaceutical industry with Heparin, Insulin, Rennet and other materials extracted from animal organs, it saw the bottom drop out of its business due to advancements in the production of synthetic drugs.

That forced the company to diversify, using existing materials towards the production of raw pet foods for distribution across the UK. The move proved to be a winner, allowing Forthglade to tap into a relatively new market and transform its business fortunes.

Indeed, it has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a 1,000-square-foot rented site in 1971 to a seven-acre, 35,000 square-foot, factory today, complete with state-of-the-art manufacturing space for frozen and cooked meat production. This includes the introduction of its own pet food brand, Menu, further developed with the launch in January 2006 of a Lifestage Menu product.

Menu represented a bold departure for Forthglade Ltd which has for many years specialised in the distribution of raw GMO-free meat products for pets which contain no preservatives, no artificial colouring, no added water and no added salt,. Menu is now sold alongside its many other pet food products as it continues to make a name for itself in the production and development of innovative pet food products.