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Holidays With Dogs

Specialists in animal housing products

HABORN ARE specialists in animal housing products with over 25 years experience working with and caring for dogs. Haborn can honestly say they understand and are able to help you with your choice of animals housing.

Haborn understand that people and animals have their own particular needs. Each product is specifically designed to your requirements.

Haborn build to order, that is what makes them so special. Any sized order can be accommodated, from single car cages and kennels to commercial boarding kennel complexes. Haborn’s customers have always been as varied as their products.

If you have been unable to find a cage or kennel that meets all your requirements (and your dogs) or consider what you have found to be overpriced, then telephone Haborn to discuss your needs, they are there to help you. Haborn can cater for any size of order - single car cages and
kennels, commercial boarding kennel complexes, quarantine blocks, animal charities, MoD - and anything in between.

The Haborn system is designed and manufactured to ensure maximum strength and minimum maintenance. All aspects of safety, hygiene and the comfort of your dogs have been considered with the upmost importance in the design, and we are sure that our kennels and runs will prove that we care about the animal occupants and the people who clean them.

Haborn manufacture cages to fit vans and larger vehicles. Designed and manufactured to your specifications, their ‘in transit’ animal housing system will be made to meet all your requirements to the same high quality as their standard car cages. Units can be provided as singles or doubles, side-by-side or stacking in any size to fit vehicle perfectly and let dogs travel in comfort and safety.