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Holidays With Dogs

ANIMALCOURIERS Ltd specialises in the transport and travel of all species of animal. Our customers include pet owners relocating or moving overseas to breeders wanting to move stud animals to puppies and kittens moving to their new homes.

We come from a background of animal welfare and our couriers are trained in the management and handling of animals.

This year we have a new transport vehicle, customised with an adaptable caging system for a variety of animals, ventilated and temperature controlled to ensure our passengers arrive chilled out and cool as cucumbers, no matter what the outside temperature is.

This year we have had the pleasure of moving two complete catteries and a kennel group of 17 dogs. One was a move to Spain and two were moves across the UK. Planning and discussion are the essential ingredients that make any movement such as this a success. We depend upon the experience and the knowledge of cattery and kennel owners to help us with the management of their pets; we listen to what they want and this combined with our experience and understanding of animal travel has made each of these moves very rewarding.

Travels have taken us from Norway to Greece, and this year we have added the Czech Republic and Slovakia to our list.

Our growth has made it possible for us to offer a cut-price tariff to pet owners. Basically it works along the lines of fitting into a schedule that we have in place. In this way we are able to offer you prices that fall well below your own costs of travel around the UK.
We can:

• Collect and deliver door to door
• Transfer to and from airports
• Arrange airfreight, provide advice
on import/export requirements
• Work with you if you are moving
home and relocating your animals.
• Work with wide range of animals
so ask us if you have any special

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and web