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Dogged Defender launches legal advice line

Trevor Cooper pictured with OUR DOGS Robert Killick at this year’s Crufts

TREVOR COOPER, the well-known solicitor whose defence of dogs caught up under Breed Specific Legislation in the form of the draconian Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA) has launched an advice line for owners with queries on matters pertaining to both BSL and other areas of canine law.

When Mr Cooper took a new job last year as principal solicitor for the Environment Agency in Leeds, prosecuting cases throughout Yorkshire and Northumberland, he bowed out from representing dog owners in DDA cases, announcing his retirement through the canine press and drawing fond tributes from many anti-BSL campaigners and expert witnesses who have helped him to win his cases in the past. However, Mr Cooper has continued to receive calls from people who needed help because their dogs have been seized under the DDA or are caught up in other areas of legislation.

Visiting Crufts last month Mr Cooper, 43 handed out press releases stating his intention to set up a new legal Advice Line for dog owners, as people continued to contact him with questions and problems almost every day of the week. Indeed, the dogged defender has even taken on some new cases in the past few months.

Mr Cooper said: "I stopped doing dog work full time last year but I kept my firm, Cooper and Co, going and the insurance up to date in case I was needed. I do still take on cases and most of the time I use a barrister to defend them.

"It seems that there is obviously still a need for me to provide a personal telephone advice service," he said. "Anyone with queries about dangerous dogs, barking dogs, personal injury claims and disputes with vets or breeders can call and get personal advice from me on their situation."

The advice line covers England and Wales. The telephone number is: 0906 515 1108. The line is open Monday to Thursday between 7.30pm and 9pm. Calls cost £1.50 a minute from a BT landline; other mobile and network charges may vary. For further information see Trevor Cooper’s website:


Trevor Cooper pictured with OUR DOGS Robert Killick at this year’s Crufts