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Bella Moss Foundation in International Podcast

THE BELLA Moss Foundation is scheduled to participate in an international podcast hosted in the USA, and a proportion of the admission fee will be donated to The Foundation writes Jill Moss.

During the International Podcasting Expo's Podcasting Marathon Kim Bloomer - the official Representative of The Bella Moss Foundation in the USA - and Jeannie Thomason, will invite listeners to ask questions and share their own pet stories. Foundation President and Founder, Jill Moss, will be discussing the mission of The Foundation, which is to educate pet owners on the dangers of MRSA in pets, how to protect their pets, and the need to bring change to veterinary protocol.

Jill believes that this is an important event in bringing the issue of MRSA and pets to the public and hopes that many from the UK will be able to attend.

To listen to the podcast and donate to The Bella Moss Foundation go to and click on the International Podcasting Expo banner you see there under the photo in the left sidebar. That will bring you the page on the website. Scroll down until you see International Podcasting Expo General Admission. Fill out that box that asks you to "Enter 10 words that describe you and/or your interests, separated by commas" then click the "add to cart" button. That will take you to a page to fill in all your personal info. When you checkout just put your name with NO spaces in the code/coupon part then checkout like this "firstnamelastname". You will then be directed on how to complete the process.