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The British Bullmastiff League Championship Show
2nd April 2006

photo by Edward Harris
(l-r) BIS Lynn Denby’s Ch Rosco’s Rough Diamond, Judge Zena Thorn-Andres,
Chairman Derrick Higginson, Secretary Janet Gunn
with RBIS Miss A Colliass’ Optimus Charlotte At Oldwell, handled by Billy Brittle

A smashing show in an ideal venue of Aldersley Leisure Centre, Wolverhampton. Such a good sporting lot of exhibitors who gamely clapped each class! Bullmastiffs are not an easy breed to judge; trying to balance getting a sound build of correct size with the head required was pretty difficult and compromoises had to be made. It amazes me every time I judge the breed, the vast differences in head types bred.

As the standard has a very good and lengthy head clause, I wonder why it is so difficult to get two heads alike? The entry of 152 dogs was super and I did very much enjoy my task. BIS Ms Denby’s dog Ch Rosco Rough Diamond, Res BIS & BOS, the junior bitch Miss Colliass’ Optimus Charlotte of Oldwell. I believe I gave her Sire William one of his early CCs. B. Puppy Richard’s young brindle Moonlight Gold at Bramarley, very forward for a minor puppy and should go on well if she continues in this way. My thanks also to my excellent stewards.

MPD (9). 1st Cadenham Trescotwick. A real baby but so promising for head type, his rear is quite superb for age, front can still broaden between the foreleg, but overall a nice minor puppy with room to grow on. 2nd Ferdhu Hoochi Cooghi Man. Older and looks the part but a straight shoulder and knuckling over pastems pushed him back a place. Super body and quarters, high set tail carried well. Nice small ears and a good shape to skull. 3rd Stoneglad Rocketman of Benzak.

PD (11). 1st Dajoxx Alabama Slamma. Compact, very sound, well boned with fair feet. Good muzzle length but would like a little more underjaw for bluntness, good stop, eyes a little bigger, excellent skull shape and width, promising puppy and a good outline, which he retains moving. 1/2 brother to Res BCC. 2nd Zoold’s Boss Hogg. Another good head better eye shape than 1st and mask toning nicely, neat ears set well, fair front, good bone not quite as compact a body as 1st, but also has room in his build for improvement with age. 3rd Evenstar Ursa Major at Keriol.

JD (12). 1st Mussem De Merlot At Keottie. Stood out for type and balance. I would like a more squared off muzzle, but it is of fair length, good backskull and ears not too large, wide across the chest, powerful impressive quarters, overall a lovely youngster. 2nd Alwencourt With Attitude at Machajax. Nicely balanced for height to length proportions. Deep chest well ribbed back, good over croup and tail set. Movement ok but still a little room for improvement. 3rd Rodekes Red Baron At Jalumia.

YD (7). 1st Ricci Go Red. Strong in body and neck, powerful impressive dog. Broad muzzle right to the end, firm broad jaws. Enough wrinkle when interested, maybe his rear is inclined to be a little straight rather than moderately angled. Super body, so well muscled and he moved very well. 2nd. Alardanaer Master Merry of Bunsoro. Too short in muzzle, nicely set eyes and neat small ears, good neck, front a little straight and weak at the pasterns deep well ribbed chest, correct level back and nice qualities. 3rd Evemstar Legions At Astonpride.

PGD (9). 1st Flintstock Easy Does It For Talbadan. Nicely marked rich Brindle. Well made and pleasing to go over, chest down to elbows, short coupled, powerful impressive quarters, with a good length of second thigh. Muzzle of good length and width but a bit too much wrinkle on skull. Moved well in rear and nice stride in profile, Reserve CC. 2nd Optimus Brutus. Smart boy, short, compact body, but not overshort. Ok in head, stands well on good front legs and tight thick pads. Moderately angulated behind. He looks too short perhaps because his tail is docked to half length, moved really well also. 3rd Aralders Wild Fell Trapper.

LD (15). 1st Fowlerheight Rasto. Another good brindle skull large and square; set off by high set ears, good length of muzzle, well rounded neck, pleasing front and shoulder lay. Lovely body and rear, carried his tail properly. Would like a bit more bone below the pasterns, feet good. Smashing mover. 2nd Sundabisk Luka. Substantial, good size, not the feet and straight pasterns of winner and his tail was flagging a little high. I like his body proportions, well ribbed and muscled and he too moved ok. 3rd Judamar The Gladiator. A nice class. Winner a good medium size and built as he should be, lovely head. Broad squared off muzzle, maybe jowls a little heavy, super width and front, excellent feet, lovely body and powerful rear. An all round good package who moves to match his build. CC BIS. 2nd Brynfaw Kop That At Jaynes JW. The most perfect mouth, broad set canines giving an ideal width to muzzle, a good head overall, maybe he is a touch overwrinkled but shape is excellent, another sound front and superb body, a mite straight in style compared to above. 3rd Ch Ferdhu Hudson.

MPB (13). 1st Moonlight Gold At Bramarley. Smart brindle very forward in build and strength. Good stop making a correct right angle to muzzle, excellent front bone and super feet, deep and well ribbed already; sound rear. Slightly heavy ears. B Puppy in Show. 2nd Colom Volante. Slightly more inclined to the Boxer in head and muzzle maybe, but a super outline and compact build for such a baby. Well reared, good mover but not as forward as winner. 3rd Flintco Devil Or Anger.

PB (9). 1st Dajoxx Coco Loco. Promising, good build, square head, nice step, super eyes and expression, needs a touch more underjaw for perfection but perhaps it will come as she is still very young. Well ribbed back, super qualities, moved out well with a pleasing stride. Needs to tighten a wee bit more in back. Sister to 1st Puppy Dog. 2nd Maskeen Viva Baby Diva. Slightly shorter back and an equally super body and rear. Pleasing head. Needs darker pigment on nose and at present her feet have slackened. Another very good moving puppy. 3rd Neworld Jordon.

JB (11). Optimus Charlotte of Oldwell. A great bitch in the making. I liked her medium size and build, super squared off muzzle of correct 1/3 length of the whole head. Good symmetrical shape which she keeps in side action. Sound up and down, good croup and tail set and powerful hindquarters. CC & BOS in Show. 2nd Colkever Fields of Gold. Just needs more confidence and to show herself off better. She is still at the teenage stage so immature as yet. Typy and promising also 1/2 sister to 2nd L Dog. 3rd Morynpark Funky Fairy.

YB (7). 1st Jenmore Tutty Frutti. Stood alone but well worthy of a 1st. Nice and strong, deeply ribbed and well coupled, good firm rear, pleasing head, eyes set well and good expression. Neat small ears, fair front, feet a little slack. Moved out ok, changing her coat on the day.

PGB (7). 1st Brae Aaron Beautiful. A difficult class, winner scored on strength of back and width across the chest. Head a touch round and muzzle a little upturned, lovely body, ok in rear and a compact outline. 2nd Bullryan Firefly at Astonpride. Not long off a litter I imagine, as topline and underline suffering. I preferred her head and proportions of height to length to the 2 below her. 3rd Leyrigg Dynamtie of Stone Glad.

LB (14). 1st Brae Aaron Serenity. A difficult decision between 1 & 2. Winner appealed a bit more in head and muzzle. Good sound and active mover, nicely rounded ribbing moderately angulated and a firm stance. Her sister won PG Bitch I see. 2nd Humeston Bobbys Girl At Quillmyr. Had a better topline in profile movement, but she is a little lazy and her head was not quite as good as above. Slightly shorter muzzle and too deep in flews. Lovely temperament, sound legs and feet and well handled and shown. 3rd Catnaljay Cool Breeze.

OB (13). 1st Dajoxx Je Ne Sals Quoi JW (Res CC). Close between first two and sisters I was told. The winner has a wee bit straighter forelegs and a little more freedom of movement. Ideal size, a gorgeous head, eyes and expression. Can be a bit slack in back. 2nd Dajoxx Dazzling Diva. Also a beautiful head, her ears set right to square, off the top of the skull. Powerful impressive muzzle, excellent body and topline and a nice rear. Moved out well, up and down movement and is certainly an eyecatching girl, in fact they both are and should make their titles given ordinary luck. 3rd Joybull Keaven Scent JW.

Judge Zena


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