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English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan) Club
Spring Open Show 2006

Best in show, Mr & Mrs Wilson’s Amalek C’Est Si Bon, pictured with judge Mr A Leonard,
Mrs M Wilson and President Mrs Hall

Andrew Leonard (Witchstone) was judge elect for this year’s Open Show and drew an entry of 40. All arrivals were greeted with a gratis tea/coffee/biscuits on arrival, compliments of the Club, and it was gratifying to see visitors attending from outside the breed who were thinking of becoming ETT owners and who studied the breed with great interest and asked questions.

Also visiting were a couple of the ‘old faces’ who were made very welcome. The start of judging was a little delayed due to a hold up on the road caused by an overturned lorry which had decanted its cargo of cattle onto the highway and held up our judge. But he soon stepped onto the green carpeted ring and after a "Welcome" address by our President, Marie Hall, the show was declared open and judging quickly got underway.

The BIS went to Amalek C’est Si Bon, who is on two CCs; and her older sister the veteran Ch.Amalek You Has Jazz, at 8 years old, who was making a ‘guest appearance’ and took the RBIS & BV spots. These two were sired by Ch.Juleko Henry James at Amalek, Imp., brought in from New Zealand, and who has made such an impact on the breed since his arrival in 1995, and their dam is Ch.Amalek High Society. BOS went to Goldpeke Suited & Booted for the second year running, for Terry & Jackie Jones and shown as usual by Terry. He was sired by Ch.Amalek MacThe Knife x Amalek A Swell Party at Goldpeke and bred by Mark & Kara Armstrong.

RBD was Micador Drumbeater at Kadaz for the Zena Parton/Julie Baldwin/Derfel Owen partnership; bred by David & Brenda Watts and sired by Ch.Reeberrich Xian x Kadaz My Lady Mason at Micador. The 8 month old Boimans Perfectly Polished, sired by Artholin Dill On Boimans x Rottrus Live Wire For Boimans took BPIS placing for Tim & Jan Harman.

There were really gorgeous rosettes and sashes for the top honours winners and quality rosettes for the class winners, all made by the talented Sharon Evison, wife of Show Manager Chris, who is now Breed Stand Manager and had a lot of fresh good quality items sourced by Sharon and did quite a brisk trade.

As has become usual in recent years there were few takers for the Cups & Trophies and Lorraine Mersom, Steward, had to take most home with her once again. Marie Hall closed the show after the presentation by Committee Chairman Sandra Arroyo of gifts to the judge and to "Toby" Nokes, in thanks for her years of work as Breed Stand Manager; her home having been a repository for unsold stock and very often as a venue for committee meetings!

The draw table was loaded with plenty of prizes from generous members which ensured that only the very unlucky went away without anything.

Mrs Churchill’s cafeteria was open for business with her usual topping selection of food, giving a choice of hot dishes for lunch, plus desserts, on sale to keep everyone happy.

The rings were cleared away quickly during the lunch break and set up for the afternoon Breed Seminar. This had attracted 40 ticket sales and the session kicked off with a talk by myself on "The History & Development of the English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)". Part 2 was the presentation "Breed Standard" by Howard Ogden who was still bearing the signs of a heavy cold, having risen from his bed that morning rather than let us down,; and for that alone we owe him our thanks. All too often "specialist" speakers are standing too near the trees to see the wood so it was refreshing to have an "all rounder" who can stand back from the breed to give an unbiased overall opinion on the standard and breed.

Finally the delegates broke into two groups, one chaired by Howard and the other by Sandra Arroyo & Mary Wilson for a "hands on dogs" assessment and discussion, which continued outside for a study of the movement of various dogs.

Following tea and biscuits and the handing out of Certificates of Attendance by Jan Fiers who had been seminar organiser in addition to Ring Steward, the day’s events were concluded.

Roy Wilson
Tel: 01837 861295

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The English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club held its Open Show on April 1st, 2006 which I had the honour of judging. I would like to thank the hardworking Officers and Committee for the invitation and my efficient steward, Jan Fiers.

As is usual, there were a variety of types and sizes on show; a few flat backs and several gay tails which seems unfortunately to be the norm these days.

The head of the ETT should not resemble that of a Min Pin. The standard asks for a "long, narrow, flat skull" and a "slight stop" - the head studies of Ch Stealaway Golden Girl (1968), Ch Stealaway Golden Quaker (1969) and Ch Brynlythe Tannia (1987) epitomise this.

The body should be "compact" – several exhibits were too long and flat in back. The correct slightly curving top line, together with strength of loin, enables the ETT to turn quickly on the spot to catch the rat. Whilst the longer backed ‘show pony’ type looks glamorous in the show ring, it is not what the standard asks for. The rat would be long gone by the time some of today’s ETT’s turned!

Equally, the ETT should not resemble the Italian Greyhound in outline or as the original Miniature Black & Tan Breed Standard says should not be of "a whippet type". The breed standard makes no reference to an ‘S’ shape whatsoever – in fact it only has one mention of the word "curve" when referring to the dog’s top line – "which should be slightly curving".

It is with this understanding and interpretation of the breed standard with which I assessed my entry. I was looking for a sensible sized, balanced, black and tan terrier that could "acquit himself satisfactorily in the rat pit".

I thank the exhibitors for their support. I awarded Best in Show to the Wilson’s Amalek C’est Si Bon, Reserve Best in Show to Wilson’s Ch Amalek You Has Jazz and Best Puppy in Show to Harman’s Boimans Perfectly Polished.

MPD (1,0) 1st Wines’ Etruria Chariots Of Fire. A very good start to the day. Although he stood alone I am sure this puppy dog will hold his own in any competition. A lovely puppy dog that I could have taken home! Refined, superb long, narrow head with correct dark eye and candle flamed ears. Currently teething and shows a slight pinch to muzzle. Loved him for size, shape and perfect balance. Thumb prints have started to run slightly otherwise well marked and rich tans. Well put together – a real little show man. Goes around the ring with style, goes away true, just a fraction proud of his elbows coming towards. Classic breed type and one I will watch with great interest. Just requires better condition, muscle tone and a thicker coat to complete the picture for which he has plenty of time. BPD.

PD (1,0) 1st Wines’ Etruria Chariots of Fire

JD (1,0) 1st Parton, Baldwin & Owen’s Micador Drumbeater at Kadaz. Built on a much heavier frame but sharing the same sire and many of the same attributes as the MPD. A masculine, upstanding male who certainly could acquit himself well in the rat pit. Long, wedge shaped head – lines are somewhat spoilt by his over-developed cheek muscles. Perfect dentition and bite, an absolute must for me as this is a small terrier. Gorgeous dark eye and wicked expression. Good arch of neck into well laid back shoulders. Compact, balanced and has a good outline standing and on the move; falls off nicely over the croup. Good rich tans; thumb prints run. Moves around the ring with drive and extension when he settles down. Could be a lot tidier fore and aft. Has the true keen terrier temperament and was on his toes today and never stopped using his eyes and ears. Had enough virtues in today’s competition to win the RBD award.

PG (2,0) 1st Snell’s Curnix Free As The Wind. Good for size with the correct amount of bone to match. Body shows good depth and cut up. Compact and balanced dog. Displays the correct outline curves both stood and moving. Good tans, thumb prints run, other markings good. For me he fails in head being too wide in back skull and short in muzzle. Falls off under the eyes. Eyes need to be darker and are rather full which spoils the expression. Correct candle flame shape ears which are well used. Correct bite. Won the class on his steadier movement. Drives from well muscled quarters displaying good front extension akin to an extended trot. Could be cleaner coming towards. Put down in good muscular condition. 2nd Hall’s Gardenisle Dimbolo Tom. Bigger dog with heavier bone. Longer in body than one. Good wedge shaped head, good eye and ears which he used well. Tans good, thumbprints run. Failed on movement. Very straight and stiff in rear. Excellent black glossy coat and wonderful condition and temperament.

LD (3,2) 1st Clark & Wilson’s Amalek The Wizard Of Oz at Anshee. Masculine dog with enough bone. Good wedge shape and length to head, would prefer narrower back skull for perfection. Eye shape good although colour could be darker. Plenty of fill up. Ears erect and well used. Nice arch to neck into very well laid back shoulders. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Very broad front on. A little long cast for me but with good fall off over the croup. Correct tail set and carriage. Tans pale and thumb prints faint. This dog excels in front extension when viewed moving in profile and drives from his well muscled quarters akin to an extended trot. Unfortunately he is wide coming towards and was shy today which cost him. Put down in excellent muscular condition.

OD (5,2) 1st Jones’ Goldpeke Suited And Booted. A masculine 3 year old male. Up to size. Plainer in head compared to my Limit Class winner. Too wide in back skull and short in muzzle. Falls off under the eyes which are paler and rounder than desired lacking terrier expression. That said he as much to like. Correct dentition. Compact, balanced and has correct top line both stood and moving. Correct fall over the croup. Good depth and spring of rib. Short coupled. Tans pale and thumb prints faint. Good lay of shoulder allowing front extension as a result of drive from well muscled quarters. Very steady mover in profile and clean coming towards – can be a touch wide behind at times. Superb temperament and a natural show man. Excellent thick black jacket that shone. Excellent muscular condition. A dog without any major faults or exaggeration and enough virtues to deserve his win. BD and BOSIS. 2nd Harmans’ Boimans Burnished. Good size and bone. Pleasing lines to head. Narrow wedge shaped head. Ears slightly soft but good shape and well set. Eyes could be better shape and darker. Long cast and flattens top line on the move – further exaggerated when he flies his tail. Not so clean moving when coming towards. Excellent temperament and condition. 3rd Wilson’s Amalek The Entertainer. The best dog in the class for construction and movement. Displays wonderful shoulder placement. Drives and extends on the move. Initially my clear winner - what a real pity he went ring shy today.

VD (3,1) 1st Rose’s Heartspride Gentleman Jim at Amalek & 2nd Harman’s Artholin Dill On Boimans. Two 10 year old boys enjoying their day out. In excellent condition and both with good muscle tone. One was more compact still holding a good top line and constantly used his candle flame shaped ears.

MPB (3,2) 1st Harman’s Boimans Perfectly Polished. Another promising puppy, so aptly named as she simply shone in her black jacket. Put down in first class condition which swung the BPIS award her way. A very feminine, pretty bitch. Excellent long, narrow wedge. Cleans lines with good fill under the eye. Complemented by well set candle flamed ears which she used well. Nice eye for shape and colour. A good arch of neck into well laid shoulders. Slightly long cast at the moment and can flatten her top line on the move but with so much time to mature and drop into herself. Tans were good; thumb prints run. Moves well for a baby but needs to settle in front. All in all a tidy, sleek, elegant looking young lady who caught my eye and could not be denied the BPIS award today.

PB (2,0) Two lovely puppy bitches of different type and size. A very tight decision between the two and could easily change places – one had the head that appeals to me more. 1st Adams & Wilson’s Amalek Put A Spell On You Up to size but still very feminine and elegant and nothing at all doggy about her. Long, narrow wedge, good fill and clean lines. Back skull and ear set correct but could have made better use of ears at times. Eye colour and shape good. Tans could be deeper, thumb prints faint. A little out of coat at the moment. Long cast and can flatten top line on the move. Eye catching, very sound fore and aft and has excellent front extension. 2nd Dicker & Wilson’s Amalek Echo Of Jazz. Not the head of 1 being shorter and wider in back skull. Eye round and could be darker. Would benefit from better arch of neck. That said she is a good sized, well muscled and conditioned compact bitch who scores in body and outline. Correct slight curve to top line, short coupled with good depth of chest and well sprung ribs. A good fall off over the croup and excellent tail set – all giving the impression of a good little ‘ratter’. Not the neck and shoulder of 1 but a tidy, clean looking mover who had excellent well muscled quarters, hocks being well let down. Moved with plenty of drive and propulsion. Shown and handled well and put down in excellent condition.

JB (3,0) 1st Staniewicz & Wilson’s Amalek The More I See You. Similar in type and structure to the winner of the puppy class and many of the same comments apply. Very feminine and the lovely long narrow head I was looking for.. She is up to size but again nothing doggy about her at all. A little long cast for me and can be close behind. She scores in profile movement where she really flows with drive and extension associated with the extended trot. Excellent condition and muscle tone. Another lovely puppy bitch.

2nd Jones’ Heartspride Head Over Heels at Wetwoareone.

Does not match one in head being too domed. Relatively wide in back skull for a smaller bitch. She is too sharp and short in muzzle giving a snipey weak appearance. Round eyes which require more fill up. On the plus side, she is good for size, elegant and fine boned, needs to further drop into herself. Displays a good outline stood. Gentle curve to top line and fall off over croup when stood but can flatten on the move. Good tans, super condition and shone in her glossy black jacket. Not the shoulders or movement of one and moved close behind.

3rd Mersom’s Thalcyon Gaster Lily

GB (2,0) 1st Staniewicz’s Sobahn Ebony Charm. A well covered five year old girl. Head a little plain further spoilt by round pale eyes. Scores in being compact, short coupled with good fall over croup. Good tail set. Holds a nice slightly curving top line. Is steady on the move and looks good in profile – a little untidy fore and aft. Tans could be deeper. Markings good. Put down in excellent condition, wearing a thick glossy black jacket.

2nd Rose’s Curnix Free Norfolk And Chance Well within the standard for size and sound for a little one. Confident madam who moved well and seemed to be enjoying her day out. Not the head type I was looking for being too domed in skull and short in foreface. Large round eye lacking fill up. Correct bite and good dentition.

PGB (5,1) I found a couple of bad mouths here which cost. The standard only asks for a scissor bite but form must follow function and as a terrier correct dentition must come in to play when deciding between equally matching dogs. It did here.

1st Nokes’ Heartspride Hypnotic. Up to size but her excellent construction and movement easily won her this class. Nice clean lines to head which is long and narrow. Good wedge. Excellent candle flamed ears, well set and used. Lovely arch of neck into excellent shoulders. Perhaps a little long in back for me but good strength of loin, well rounded buttocks and good fall off and tail set. Excellent quarters giving her propulsion round the ring coupled with front extension displaying a true extended trot. Tans, thumb prints and markings all good. Coat could be denser. Handled to perfection. A quality bitch.

2nd Staniewicz’s Sobahn Ebony Charm (Repeat)

3rd Snell & Wilson’s Amalek The Gypsy. Good size with correct bone to match. Excellent type with long narrow head and clean lines to muzzle. Complimented by good ear set and fill up under her eyes. Compact short coupled and good outline. Moves well in profile. Good muscle and condition. Another lovely bitch.

LB (2,1) Staniewicz’s Sobahn Burlesque. A three year old girl who is very well covered! Fair head spoilt by soft ear. Would prefer darker eye. Bite is correct but dentition not complete. Tans good, faint thumb prints. She is compact with a strong loin. Nicely rounded buttocks and good tail set. Holds a good top line on the move and displays good profile movement. Wide behind. Excellent coat and condition.

OB (8,1) Without doubt the best class of the day. Full of lovely girls I have admired before, four of which were very worthy title holders. I thank the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to go over them. As with all of us the years take their toll and I judged as I found them on the day. All were in excellent condition, well covered and obviously love their food! 1st Wilson’s Amalek C’est Si Bon. A well covered 4 year old bitch who was on top form today. Lovely head from all angles. Strong yet still feminine. Long narrow wedge and clean lines and fill up under eyes. Correct length and back skull to balance. Good under jaw with bite and dentition correct. Eye good for set, shape and colour. Candle flame shape ears which are well set when used. Excellent arch of neck into the best of shoulders. Correct gently curving top line stood and held on the move. Good strength of loin with correct fall off over the croup. Muscled quarters with well let down hock.Moves with drive and extension flowing round the ring eating up the ground. No rat would get away from this one. Lighter tan with faint thumb prints. Put down in excellent muscular condition. Just my type of toy terrier. Please to award her this excellent class and ultimately Best In Show. One would hope that her title can surely not be that far away.

2nd Turner’s Ch Metia Red Rum. A 6 year old bitch who is a real old favourite of mine and whose career I have followed from puppy hood. An excellent representative and ambassador for the breed. Carrying a little bit too much weight today and starting to show her age. Nevertheless, a quality bitch that still retains her classic breed type and wonderful movement. A classic head, just beginning to lose some fill up under the eye. Candle flame shaped ears, which she used well. A useful size with good bone. Elegant but not weedy. Excellent correct slightly curving top line held on the move. Good cut up further enhances her shape. Steady precise mover, true fore and aft. Excellent condition as always with her shiny black jacket. A worthy champion. 3rd Clarke & Wilson’s Ch Amalek Happy Talk at Anshee. Yet another super bitch. Very feminine. Excellent head, neck and shoulders. Moves will with wonderful front extension and drive from well let down muscular quarters. Good size and carries tail well at all times. A little long in back for me, which can cause her to flatten on the move. Another worthy title holder.

VB (5,2) 1st Wilson’s Ch Amalek You Has Jazz, 9 years old. It was an honour to be given the opportunity to go over one of the breeds all time greats ‘Jazz’. She is undoubtedly the top winning ETT in the last decade. She is an absolute credit to her owners/breeders and, together with her siblings, has significantly raised the profile of the breed within the Toy Group. Like most of us, she is carrying a little bit more weight and is starting to show her age. However, she still has the best movement I have seen on an ETT. Correct construction and movement does not age! She has a wonderful arch of neck, excellent shoulders and is compact holding a perfect top line. Strong in loin, excellent fall off and muscled quarters. Her movement is textbook and truly akin to an extended trot. Floating round the ring covering an immense amount of ground for a small dog, driving from behind. Later in the day, she was moved outside for the benefit of the Breed Seminar and she looked even better. I was delighted to award her Reserve Best In Show and Best Veteran In Show. 2nd Hall’s Warwells Keyhole Kate, 11 years old. 3rd Wilson’s Ch Amalek Sophisticated Lady, 10 years old.

Brace (3,2) 1st Hall’s. An evenly matched pair both in excellent condition and handled well.

Team (2,1) 1st Hall’s. Again a well matched trio all in excellent condition and very expertly handled.

Judge – Andrew Leonard


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