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Help get Britain’s dogs back on their feet!

September's Canine Arthritis Awareness campaign is set to get dog's tails wagging nationwide! Our four legged canine friends are being offered FREE canine arthritis checks by participating vets and if the diagnosis is new, owners will receive a £5.00 voucher to redeem against further treatment if required.

Says, Canine Arthritis Awareness month's ambassador, TV gardener and animal lover, Charlie Dimmock, “During the month, through education, awareness and support, caring pet owners can discover everything they need to know about canine arthritis - prevention, signs and treatment - to help get their pets back on their feet. I urge any dog owner who thinks their pet has symptoms - maybe, stiffness getting out of bed in the morning, discomfort climbing the stairs or jumping into the car - to seek advice from their vet.”

Over 1 million dogs in the UK suffer from osteoarthritis and just like human sufferers, they experience pain and lack of mobility. Owners may simply think lameness is due to old age and as dogs don't express their pain in quite the same way, many could be suffering in silence.

An incredible 15,000 dogs were seen by vets during last year's campaign. This year, hundreds of Veterinary practices up and down the country plan to register their support for Canine Arthritis Awareness Month while owners are being encouraged to make an appointment with their registered vet for a FREE arthritis check.

Adds Charlie, “There are over 500,000 arthritic dogs in the UK who go untreated for osteoarthritis each year which means a staggering number of pets could be suffering unnecessarily. Last year Canine Arthritis Awareness month made a huge difference to hundreds of dogs lives I advise anyone who is worried about their pet's mobility to get them checked out - one phone call could change your dog's life!” will be live from September 1 and will offer a great source of information on canine arthritis - tips, treatment and care.