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10 up for Cesky Club

BIS at the Cesky Terrier Club show (right) Sheila Atter’s bitch Abba Melina Bohemica,
handled by Russell Marett, pictured with RBIS Sharon Clarke’s dog
Cassencarrie Czech Me Out and judge Hana Petrusova

The 10th Anniversary show of The Cesky Terrier Club was held in glorious sunshine at the Village Hall, Horspath, Oxfordshire writes Liz Gay.

This venue allows caravanning and quite a few devotees made a weekend of the event by arriving the Saturday and holding a barbecue. In honour of the event the Club President, Hana Petrusova, had been in invited from the breed’s original home, the Czech Republic, to officiate on the day.

Fifty four dogs making an entry of 80 gave numbers of which quite a few longer established breeds in the United Kingdom would be envious and the trophy table, always impressive at Club events, was enhanced by an extra 10 donated by overseas enthusiasts.

Best In show was awarded to the Best Bitch, Abba Melina Bohemica owned by Sheila Atter. Abba, ten years young, was also Best Veteran and was handled at the show by Russell Marett. Reserve Best in show and Best Dog was awarded to OUR DOGS Cesky Terrier correspondent Sharon Clarke’s Cassencarrie Czech Me Out. Best Puppy was Taylor’s Polede Lforlika.