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Registration figures show a first half drop

Publication of the half year registration figures for 2006 show a drop in overall totals of 5.1%. The figures, which will be subject to seasonal adjustments, show a year on year decrease for the first time in the last few years and decreases in all but one of the seven groups.

Taking the figures group by group hounds were down by 6.3%, gundog -5.7%, terrier -10.4%, working -5.4%, pastoral -5.1% and toys -1.7%. The only group to show an increase was the utility group at +2.8%.

The Kennel Club has again indicated that the percentage increases are affected by phasing issues and therefore the year end figures are not expected to show as great a percentage decrease overall.

The Kennel Club income from registrations, which decreased by some 17% in 1999, was £2,051,164 compared to figures of £1,842,045 in 1998. In 1999, the registration fee was increased to £10 from January 1st.

Registration income was up in 2000 to £2,078,196. In 2001 income from registrations was down to £1,939,238. The 2002 figures showed a combined figure of ŒRegistration activities‚ of £5,206,528 of which £2,333,527 was registration fee income. In 2003 ŒRegistration activities‚ realised £5,962,099 with registrations showing a 8.6% increase and transfers a 12.9% increase.

In 2004 the rise in income continued to £6,459,684 - the Kennel Club refusing to breakdown the figure as they considered it too commercially sensitive - and in 2005 this rose to £6,890,000.