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Whippet Club Racing Association - Straight Championships

Sarah Puxty’s and Steve Coward’s Bring It On

The THIRD Championships of the season took place at the Cricket Club, Morton In Marsh on Sunday 6 August 2006 writes Carolyne Rabbitt.

The weather was very good and it seemed to encourage the spectators to come along and watch.

There were 187 dogs taking part in this event, they ran on a straight track of 150 yards in 15 different groups. The dogs had to run 3 – 4 races to reach a final. There was only one dog made up to a Champion at this event namely Sarah Puxty’s and Steve Coward’s Bring It On (pictured above). The winners of the other groups were WCRCh (Whippet Club Racing Champion) Tinkers Moonshadow, WCRCh Close To Crazy, Vodkatini, WCRCh Shiny, and Hearts Delight. To become a champion the dogs need to win two Championship finals.

Veterans that win their group become Veteran Crowns on the day.

The fourth and final championships of the season will take place on Sunday 8 October 2006.


Not exceeding 16lbs – Mr & Mrs Shearing’s Summa Breeze (ped: Miss Merchant); Not Exceeding 18lbs- Mr Gary Coulburn Fuller Surprises (Wheatroyd Lady Lyons); Not Exceeding 20lbs – Jane Rankin’s WCRCh Talk Of The Devil (Burst Into Flames); Not Exceeding 22lbs – Mr & Mrs Heaton’s Bin Throut Mill (Trouble Wh’it Devil); Not Exceeding 24lbs – Mr & Mrs Sawyer’s Savernake Falcon (Savernake Hurricane Tarka); Not Exceeding 26lbs – S Puxty’s & S Coward’s Bring It On (Chalkner’s Fawn Again); Not Exceeding 28lbs – Mr & Mrs A Ingley’s Dee’s Double (Mysterious Boy); Not Exceeding 30lbs – B Jackson’s & A Haddrell’s Alchemist (Chalkners Fairly Smart); Not Exceeding 32lbs – Mr & Mrs Ruffle’s WCRCh Trailblazer (Goodad Last Option)

Veteran Crowns:

6 – 7 years Not Exceeding 19lbs – Mr & Mrs Peddar’s WCRCh Fuller Spirit (Sky Storm); 6 – 7 years Not Exceeding 23lbs – Jane Drakes WCRCh Deadly Nightshade (Goodad Bauble); 6 – 7 years Not Exceeding 27lbs – Mrs L Turner’s WCRCh Just For fun (Goodad Blaze of Song); 6 – 7 years Not Exceeding 32lbs – Mr & Mrs Ruffles’s WCRCh Runaway Star (Goodad Black Mark); 8 years and over – Not exceeding 22lbs – Mr R Sweet’s VC Minnie Mouse (Pride of Palestine); 8 years and over – Not exceeding 32lbs – Kim Saxby’s WCRCh Guye’s Gwithian (Sunset in Gwithian Sandspring)