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Dogs Trust gears up for Christmas

Television presenter Sarah Jane Honeywell pictured at the recent Dogs Trust Christmas Fayre with 10 week old long haired Weimaraner Maggie, Santa Paws and a helpful elf!

THE RUN-UP to Christmas and the period afterwards is one of the busiest times for dog re-homing charities as the number of dogs handed in, or found as strays massively increases.

According to dog welfare charity Dogs Trust in some cases, the number of old dogs handed in doubles over the festive season.

Between 2002-2005 over 1,000 old dogs were abandoned over Christmas, often to make way for new puppies, bought as gifts.

In a statement, Dogs Trust Chief Executive, Clarissa Baldwin, said: ‘In our society, it is often the very old who are the most vulnerable over the festive season. It is the same with dogs. Sadly, in the run up to Christmas and in the New Year, the proportion of old dogs we take in to our care significantly rises compared to other times of year.

‘While we cannot forget the message of not buying puppies as presents, which sadly still goes on, it is also important not to neglect our old aged dogs too, who are at greater risk of being abandoned at this time of year. We beg people to consider the commitment needed to care for your pet for its whole life.’

In an effort to prevent even more impulse purchases during the festive season, Dogs Trust says all 17 of its Rehoming Centres will temporarily stop rehoming dogs from 17th December 2006 to 2nd January 2007.