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South Western Great Dane Club’s
Championship Show League Finals & Open Show

Best in show at the South Western Great Dane Club’s Open show was Bishton’s Ch Jaydania Sun Shade and Reserve Best in show was Day’s Ch Janriche Irish Eyes JW, pictured here with the judge Miss Inez Cooke and Show Manager Alan Cutter


What a fantastic weekend. Having been in Danes for some 20 years, although I have been fortunate enough to attend many league finals, I have never stayed for the whole weekend. If you haven’t tried it I would certainly recommend it. The accommodation was excellent and well set out and provided everything you needed. The committee must be congratulated for a sterling effort. I’m sure many had a sore head on the Sunday morning after the dinner dance, but most managed to drag themselves to the Open Show, for which I’m grateful. I would like to thank the committee also for the invitation to judge and the stunning scent bottle I received as a memento of my day.


MP (4) 1 Marriner’s Selmalda Has To Be of Marridane. Well grown 6 month old fawn. Good eye, nice head planes and expression for age. Well filled front with good depth. Good straight legs. Nice length of neck flowing into good shoulders and a firm topline. Nice width throughout. Good strong rear for age, good hind angulation and good positive movement for one so young. I will watch him with interest. Close decision for Best Puppy Dog, but handler needs to relax as he may be putting this lovely baby off. 2 Smith’s Vavavoom the Vandal. 6 month old fawn. Preferred head to the winner but carrying too much weight for his age, which affected his movement. A little weak in pasterns. Well filled front and slightly up in the bum. Another lovely puppy, just paying the price for his weight - please just watch this. 3 Heather’s Auldmoor Austin Healey at Jzan. Res Dewane’s Stegill Dazzling Defender.

P (3) 1 Hurst, Hooker and Lockey’s Garsak Sir Alfie. 11 month old fawn. Lovely head, nice drop of lip and good eye and earset. Good level planes. Good length of neck. Would prefer more angulation in front. Good firm topline, reasonable bend of stifle, would prefer a better croup. He has the height, now need to mature on. 2 Gray, Pearson and Cutter’s Garsak Sir Franklin. 11 month old fawn, litter brother to the winner and very similar. Not quite the head of the winner but still presents a pleasing picture. Not as tall as the winner, which gives better angles in front and behind at the moment. Lost out to his brother on the day on his more positive movement and head, but I am sure as these two mature on they will change places. 3 Dewane’s Stegill Dazzling Defender.

J (4) 1 Price’s Sarawen Dom Perignon with Leamap. 13 month old black. Good expression and head planes, good drop of lip. Good length of neck into good shoulders. Good depth of chest, just needing to fill out as he matures. Lovely straight front, good length and well put together behind, with good angulation for age. The owner has to be congratulated on the condition of this young man’s coat, there is nothing like a black in gleaming condition. 2 Young’s Elgedane First Encounter with StPirian. 16 month old fawn. Good head and expression. Nice neck, good forechest but with a prominent sternum. Good layback of shoulder but not the upperarm to compliment this angle. A touch long in body which detracts from the balance. Good hind action, front movement could be better. 3 Drew’s Muschamps Chico at Lindeefay. Res Cranfield’s Inarabic Obtrieste for Zefather.

Y (5) 1 Tasker’s Tasdania Bush Tucker. Well put together and upstanding fawn. Doesn’t use his ears to his advantage. Good head planes but would prefer slightly more definition to complete the expression. Good neck into shoulders, good level topline into good croup. Good bend of stifle and length to second thigh. Moved true coming and going. 2 Williams’ Jaydania The Show Must Go On. Lovely expressive head and well filled front, good depth of brisket and elbow well set under. Good length of body, good croup and width. Would prefer more hind angulation, which as he drops into his angles I am sure he will get. Moved well, just not as positive as the winner. 3 Bishton’s Jaydania Dallas. Res Drew’s Muschamps Chico at Lindeefay. VHC Flanagan and Heales’ Soupury Shaken Not Stirred.

N (2) 1 Cook’s Ziran Zhivago. Harlequin of good make and shape. Nice head with good length of foreface, good eyes, ears slightly large. Good shoulder, correct length of body with a good topline. Moved well, handler not getting the best from this dog on the stand. 2 Flanagan’s Soupury Pure Genius. Black, slightly coarse in head, good length of neck and width of chest. Not the best feet and pasterns. Good depth of brisket, not the strongest of toplines which detracts from the overall picture.

PG (7,2) 1 Laidlaw’s Kantalar Sealed with a Kiss. JW. Not the biggest of dogs but had the balance I was looking for. Good head with dark eye, good drop of lip and well filled front. Good flow of neck into shoulder and good shoulder angulation. Good length of body.. Strong topline into good croup set. Good hind angulation and second thigh, well muscled and in good condition. Moved well. Res Best Dog. 2 Furber’s Garsak Sir Brooklyn. A lot to like about this fawn. I preferred his expression to the winner’s but not in the same hard condition. I know how hard it is to keep condition on some, but it makes all the difference. Good neck into shoulder and nice angles fore and aft. Not the best of croup, highlighted by the lack of weight. 3 Cranfield’s Hazevern Rubens for Zefather. Res Park’s Ravien Best Mate. VHC Flanagan’s Soupury Worth the Wait.

L (5,3) Although there were only two in this class it was not the easiest - a lot to like about both these dogs for different reasons. 1 Baker’s Prevali Spy Catcher. Upstanding fawn with a melting expression. Good dark eye, well set. Clean masculine planes with no coarseness. Ears slightly large, well set but not used to his advantage. Good neck and shoulder angles. Not the cleanest of neck into shoulder, which detracts from the flow. Good length on body and a firm topline. Good croup and hind angulation. Moved well coming and going, this dog has a big frame and he needs time to mature into it, when he does I am sure he will trouble the best. 2 Platt’s Ebonory Le Grande Monarque. Harlequin, well marked with the whitest of background and the cleanest of black torn patches. Not the height of the winner but presented a pleasing picture. Good head and expression. Good neck into shoulder and lovely width throughout. Lovely powerful hindquarters, which he used well, just not as true as the winner. Shown in good condition.

Sp Vet (4) 1 Cottrell’s Ch Berevale Gilpin. 8 year old exceptional black, able to put many of the younger dogs to shame! Still has that presence, balance and movement to trouble many. 2 Cook’s Ziran Zaesar’s Beau. 8 and a half year old harlequin. Good front angles and depth of chest. Firm topline and good hind angulation, just couldn’t quite match the movement of the winner on the day. 3 Daly’s Stuavar Sky Blaze at Alverblues. Res Ranfles’ Ch Garsak Sir Fraser.

Sp O Fawn (6,1) 1 Williams’ Jaydania Just A Showman JW. Not the tallest of dogs. Presented in good hard muscle and the correct body condition. Not quite the melting expression of 2, but well balanced. Good eye and ear set and a good length of foreface. Good length of neck. Would prefer slightly more angles in front but I didn’t find that it detracted from his front movement too much. Well filled front and lovely firm topline. Lovely hindquarters with the correct width, missing in so many. 2 Lipman’s Myhalston Mr McGregor of Lisvane. A truly melting expression with a good dark eye and the correct chiselling. Good depth of chest and a well put together front. Not the hindquarters to match the front, which showed on the move, thus detracting from the overall picture. 3 Furber’s Garsak Sir Brooklyn. Res Cranfield’s Hazevern Rubens for Zefather. VHC Muschamps Chico at Lindeefay.

Sp O Brindle (1) 1 Roan’s Yacanto Moon Warrior. Well marked dark brindle. Good forechest and a nice length of head and a good drop of lip. Not the darkest of eyes. Good neck into shoulder and topline, good firm croup. Moved well. Would prefer more weight just to finish the picture.

Sp O Blue (4,2) 1 Willoughby’s Galomax Calls the Tune with Penodati. Nice coloured blue with a good head and expression. Good angled front and length of back. Moved ok. 2 Park’s Rayjen Best Mate. 21 month old blue, slightly bum high at the moment that detracts from the overall balance. Nice head and neck. Good front and good length of loin. Moved ok.

Sp O Black (8,4) 1 Price’s Sarawen Dom Perignon with Leamap. 2 Rippington’s Berevale Conrad at Shaumacill. A lot to like about this boy apart from his weight, which detracts from an otherwise good picture. Good head and expression. Good drop of lip and good eye set. Well filled front with good straight legs. Good shoulders and a good topline, powerful hindquarters. 3 Battersby and Williams’ Internis Symphony.

Sp O Harlequin (4,1) 1 Cooper’s Allours Heartbreaker at Danewell. Good head with a clean skull. Good eye and length of foreface. Good neck into shoulder and a strong topline. Proud of his tail and that detracts slightly. Good powerful movement giving the desired reach and drive when the handler gets him settled. Preferred the markings of 2, but he didn’t quite match the movement of 1. 2 Platt’s Ebonory Le Grande Monarque. 3 Flanagan’s Soupury Worth the Wait.

O (5) 1 Bishton’s Ch Jaydania Sunshade. BIS. This dog was a joy to go over. Not the tallest but substantial and no questioning his sex. The balance I was looking for. Nice head and good drop of lip, good dark eye. Lovely shoulders and well filled front elbow set well under. Good length of back and a firm topline. Excellent hindquarters with the desired width throughout. Well muscled and in excellent condition. Moved well. For perfection (if it exists!) I would prefer a cleaner backskull. Well done. 2 Gray’s Ch Calomar Total Stardom Sh CM. Another nice male, slightly taller than the winner. Good head and expression, lovely clean skull. Good neck into shoulder not the forechest of the winner. Good topline, not quite the rear assembly of the winner which shows on the move. The handler got the best out of him on the day, moving at a steady pace. Slightly leaner today than I would have liked. Standing there is a lot to like about him, just couldn’t match, in my opinion, the overall balance of the winner. 3 Grosvenor’s Jaydania Jacobs Creek to Alvenor. Res Willoughby’s Galomax Calls the Tune with Penodati. VHC Ingram’s Dainmajik Vita Merlini.



MP (7, 2) 1 Miss K & Mr P Hamilton & Messina’s Vavavoom Viva La Diva, 6 month fawn baby, wow, I just loved her, could have taken her home. A melting expression that reminded me of some of my past Danes. Lovely balanced head with correct length, good well set dark eye and well set ears, which she used well. Good shoulder and front assembly, good depth of chest. Good bone with tight feet, good spring of rib. topline will improve with age whem she has the muscle to cope with her angles behind. Moved nice and true coming and going. I hope she continues to develop and fulfuls her potential, just be careful not to get any more weight on her. 2 Mrs J Seddon’s StPiran Cornish Flaire of Tenaya, well grown brindle, good head just needing time to develop. Good earset and lovely dark well set eyes. Good length of neck into well laid shoulder. Good depth of brisket and well-filled front. Good spring of rib and firm back. Slightly rounding in croup due to her not fully extending at the back. All that is needed now is time and the correct exercise to complete the picture, which at only 8 months she has plenty of. 3 Mr & Mrs D & P Young’s StPiran Cornish Style. Res Mrs J Park’s Rayjen Ace of Hearts VHC Mrs E Guard’s StPiran Cornish Love.

PB (2, 0) 1 Mr B & Mrs C Roan’s Veendam Bohemina Beauty, lovely head with good expression, slightly big in ear, reachy neck with good flow into nice shoulders. Well filled front and good depth of brisket. Good topline continuing into good croup and hind angulation. Moved well 2 Mr & Mrs D Mummery’s Garsak Blaze of Glory, slightly taller than 1, nice head with dark mask and good expression, finer bitch than 1 though not quite the hindquarters at the moment, moved well.

JB (8, 5) 1 Miss M Armour & Mr G Hooker’s Garsak Name of the Game, 17 month fawn, with good black mask, feminine head with nice dark eye and good expression, would prefer a slightly smaller ear. Good length of neck into reasonable shoulders, I feel slightly more layback would enhance the flow. Good firm toplne into strong hindquarters, moved well. 2 Mr & Mrs PT & PA Jacob’s Kazabbie Ash Blonde, 12 months paler fawn with a melting expression. Lovely dark eye well set highlighted by lovely eye makeup. Nice length of neck into good shoulder. Well-filled front with a slightly prominent sternum. Slightly long in back at the moment which doesn’t help her topline. Good hindquarters with the desired width and correct croup. Good length and bend to stifle 3 Mr & Mrs FH & HE Smith’s Garsak Angel Eyes Res Ms S Hood’s Carsan Alana The Great VHC Mr & Mrs R & P Hempstead’s Tyak Ruby Tuesday

YB (6, 4) 1 Mrs M Tasker’s Tasdania Waltzing Mathilda, quite a tall fawn girl, good head planes but slightly plain. Good length of neck, shoulder could be better, good firm topline and length of back. Good bend of stifle and straight hock, fair croup 2 Lady J Ingram’s Allours Abracadabra of Dainmajik, harlequin with a good length of neck and expression, well filled front and good width falling into good tight feet, good neck flowing into good shoulders. Good length of back rounding slightly in topline and croup, good width of second thigh and hocks.

PGB (7, 2) 1 Miss H E Laidlaw’s Kantalar Sweet and Innocent JW, fawn with a beautiful head and expression with a lovely dark mask. Good length of foreface and well set ears. Good length and flow of neck into well placed shoulder. Good width and depth of chest. Well boned front legs with correct feet. Good firm topline and correct length of loin. Well constructed hindquarters with the desired width and muscle tone. I would say now has the edge over her litter brother. 2 Miss M Armour & Mr G Hooker’s Garsak One of Us, 17 months fawn. Lovely dark eye with a good length of foreface, not the chiselling in head or expression of 1. Good dark mask, good length of neck, slightly upright in shoulder, which showed on the move. Good length of back and firm topline. Adequate bend of stifle which will continue to improve with age as she drops into her angles 3 Mr & Mrs AF & J Schaanning Ling’s Galomax Aim Indi Pink (AI) VHC Miss L Randle’s Onabonn Morgan.

LB (7, 0) 1 Mr R S E Gofford’s Garsak Camellia, really liked this lady though not handled to advantage, fawn with well balanced head and good length of foreface. Well constructed front with straight legs and well filled forechest. Good neck into firm topline, good length of back and tuck up. Good width, second thigh and bend of stifle which she used on the move. She won this class on her movement and on the picture she presented when standing 2 Miss G Rose’s Roseark Colorado JW, well handled fawn, not the biggest, good length of foreface and correct planes, not the darkest of eyes. Good neck flowing into a firm topline, good length of loin and firm hindquartersm good bend of stifle and hocks with good feet. Would prefer a tighter elbow standing and on the move 3 Mrs J Bishton’s Jaydania Summer Mist Res Mr & Mrs FH & JE Smith’s Bronorn Countess Garsak ShCM VHC Mrs L M Smith’s Calomar Wish Upon A Star

SpVB (6, 2) 1 Mr & Mrs R I & Miss M Day’s Ch Janriche First Lady, 7 years 7 months fawn, lovely substantial bitch with a good head and expression, well constructed front and hindquarters which showed on the move. Excellent condition, she can still push hard for top honours. 2 Miss M Armour’s Ch Garsak Sun Dance, 7 years 7 months, another well conditioned fawn of a finer make and shape, feminine head with lovely dark mask and good eye set, slightly large in ear. Good shoulders and topline excelling in croup. Good bend of stifle, moved well. Just prefer substance and more positive movement of 1st 3 Misses P & L Battersby & Williams’ Amount to Style via Internos Res Mr & Mrs A Cutter’s Dapledan Aphrodite

SpO Fawn Bitch (5, 0) 1 Mr R S E Gifford’s Garsak Camellia 2 Mr & Mrs MW & CJ Gray’s Calomar A Star Is Born, loved the head on this bitch, beautiful length and expression. Good length of neck and well filled front. Slightly prominent in sternum, good length of back into good hindquarters. Lost out on topline and weaker front action, which detracts from an otherwise good picture 3 Mr & Mrs KS & K Humphries; Jaydania Justin Time for Bengrafton Res Miss M Armour & Mr G Hooker’s Garsak One Of Us VHC Mrs M Tasker’s Pendayne Hellena from Tasdania

SpO Brindle Bitch (4, 2) 1 Mrs H Seddon’s StPiran Cornish Flaire of Tenaya 2 Mr & Mrs R & P Hempstead’s Devarrow Wind in the Willow, strong head, nicely marked golden brindle slightly short in neck. Well filled front, and good length of back, falls off slightly in croup. Good bend of stifle and straight hocks.

SpO Blue Bitch (6, 3) 1 Mrs R L Prince’s Belle of the Ball at Dunstigdanes. Good balanced head and length of neck, good shoulder and forechest, good length of loin and firm topline. Good bend of stifle, nice width throughout and moved well. 2 Ms Y Byrne’s Alchers Moonstruck Lady with Glentarn, good head with nice expression, not the front assembly of 1 which showed in wide front action. Good topline and ok croup 3 Ms S Hood’s Carsan Alana The Great

SpO Harlequin Bitch (3, 1) Not an easy class as a lot to like about both these girls 1 Lady J Ingram’s Allours Miss Chief of Dainmajik, nicely marked harlequin, which was a pleasure to go over. Lovely length of head and expression with well set ears, well arched firm neck. Good shoulders with a well filled front. Good straight legs and tight feet. Firm topline flowing into correct hindquarters with correct width and definition. Moved well. A lot to like about her, again the handler can detract from a very balanced picture by not working with her natural conformation. This lady naturally stands four square, let to do it she looks cracking. Res Best Bitch. 2 Mr D J, Mrs S E & Miss H L E Cottrell’s Berevale Pandora. Have always liked this lady and still do, just not the head of 1 or as positive on the move. Well handled, feminine head with good length and good expression, clean neck into good shoulder, good length of back, good bend of stifle and well set hocks, moved well.

OB (3, 2) 1 Mr & Mrs RI & Miss M Day’s Ch Janriche Irish Eyes JW, Best Bitch & Reserve Best in show. good length of head, lovely dark eye and well set ears that she uses well. Good length of neck flowing in to a firm topline. Good shoulder with elbow well set under. Good depth of chest and well filled forechest. Good length of loin and good tuck up. Firm hindquarters with good croup and tailset. Good bend of stifle and straight hock, good bone and the desired width throughout. Good muscle tone and condition, moved with ease, expertly handled to get the best out of her.

Brace (5, 3) 1 Mr R S E Gifford’s Brace 2 Miss H E Laidlaw’s Brace.