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Skye Terrier Club Diamond Jubilee Championship Show Isle of Skye 30 September, 2006

Best in Show was Mr O. Krcals ‘Skyeomania’s Dorian’ , with judge Mrs K Sainio
and RBIS ‘Ch. Esgia The Umbra’ with handler Mrs J Kendrick

First of all I like to thank the Club and the members for this honour. It was in many ways an emotional experience for me. The show was held in a beautiful location in Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye. Exhibitors were very good sport and the spectators from all over the world were supportive. The atmosphere was wonderful. The over all quality was good, especially my Open classes showed a lot of quality. However, there are points of concern: I saw some short forefaces, which is disturbing especially in males.

Many exhibits were long and low, but failed in overall soundness, some were tall and shorter. Construction and soundness should be paid attention to, not only lowness and length. Tall and short body is not what the standard requires either. Movement recapitulates the soundness and many failed to move adequately. Some ears were too wide set and appeared very long, which spoiled the expression. Coats, temperaments, eyes, mouths and presentation were mostly excellent. I was pleased to see different colours and shades which is richness in the breed. It almost took me to tears to see all the beautiful veterans. I feel strongly that the breed still has much to offer and there is a future, but we have to work hard for the breed we owe so much to.

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MPD (2) 1 Tsuki Freedom Star. Nice puppy. His topline was not perfect but could settle with maturity. Was moving nicely in front, would prefer better hind movement. Nice temperament. 2 Tsuki Outlaw Star. Litter brother to 1. Was longer, but failed in hind movement, which was very unstable at the moment. Good head, very good coat quality.

PD (1,1) 1 Celticbridge Moonbeam. Long and low to ground. Good coat coming. Good head. I would prefer better hind movement. BOS puppy.

JD (3,2) 1 Knowlespring Sunday Best. Attractive junior, pale silver, growing a great coat. Absolutely the best of heads, good body, good front and hind construction. Moved with style when settled. Was pushing very hard for the reserve CC. One that has great promise. 2 Celticbridge Moonshine. Nice outline, good length, I would prefer better ears and front. Movement was nevertheless quite good. Growing a good quality coat. 3 Well known Haufcut Hamish with Mitsui.

GD (2,1) 1 Kenmilltri Fraxinus. Long and low, very good head, good front. Well constructed body. Very good straight, quality coat and free movement. 2 Veni Vidi Vici Des Vallees Encissoises. Black dog, well coated for the age. Unfortunately, for me too short in foreface. Taller than the 1st and shorter in body, did not hold his topline straight in the movement. Very well presented.

PGD (1,3) 1 Veni Vidi Vici Des Vallees Encissoises.

LD (3) 1 Glorfindel Rob Roy SH CM. Attractive cream in his best outfit. I would again prefer a longer muzzle for a male. Beautiful outline standing, well constructed, steady mover, beautiful coat and colour. Could do with a shade more over all length starting from the head. 2 Veni Vidi Vici Des Vallees Encissoises. 3 Gumshoe Bugsy Malone of Brakemill.

OD (11,3) 1 Skyeomania’s Dorian. What can I say about this dog? Stood out the second he entered the ring and never put a foot wrong. Excellent male head, elegant, arched neck in balance with his body length. Beautiful, well constructed body, super hind and tail set. Easy and steady mover. Darker silver coat in perfect condition. Ring presence and presentation first class. A real Skye Terrier in every way. I was honoured to have him in my ring and gave him without a hesitation the dog CC. Was without a doubt one of the best movers which gave him BIS win over the bitch. 2 Gumshoe A Touch of Frost by Salena. A dog with a lot of potential. Excellent male head, most elegant outline, great neck, low to ground, had a lot of style. Well put together. Moved with style. Coat of excellent quality in beautiful condition. 3 The Black Touch of Morningsky at Glorfindel.

VD (6) 1 Multi Ch Finnsky Viceroy. What a beauty this 13 year old dog still is! He has style, he is elegant, moved with animation and was in immaculate condition. He got a bit tired later in the day, but nevertheless was moving better than many of those who were 10 years younger. I gave gladly the res CC to him, credit to his owner. He was my BIS veteran and BIS Vintage Special. 2 Ch Bhuidh Steamy Windows. Another beautiful veteran, just proving that Skye Terriers have potential even as seniors. Most beautiful head and outline. I would prefer a longer neck and a better front, body well constructed, in beautiful coat and condition, moved still with ease. 3 Kasmiks Legacy.

Vintage Sp D (3,1) 1 Finnsky Viceroy. 2 Ch Reignmakers Ringleader. Oh my, what a dog! In absolutely immaculate condition, great head, a bit more stuffed in front than the winner, but beautiful body and hind. Failed in movement, which showed his age. He must have been absolutely stunning in his bloom. A big dog, but has so many other virtues. Credit to his owner. 3 Kyloran Glasgow Highlander.

MPB (4,1) 1 Royal Wirenth. Very attractive and well constructed bitch puppy, excellent size, good outline, feminine head, moved nicely and steadily. Won easily BIS puppy title. 2 Maridale Fiore. Beautiful length and outline. A shorter muzzle than I like and a bit wide ear set. Good body and hind, failed in front. Excellent coat coming. Made an attractive picture standing. 3 Tsuki Solarstar of Brakemill.

PB (1) 1 Celticbridge Stormy Waters. Long and low to ground, nice head, good front. Failed in hind movement. Nice temperament and good coat coming.

JB (2) 1 Skyeomania’s Glenmorangie. Drop, silver bitch. Would prefer a better earset, but a good head, very good neck, would like her to be a bit lower to ground. She nevertheless was moving and showing very well. Nice coat coming. 2 Another Time For Lily des Vallees Encissoises. Extremely long and low dark grey bitch. Nice neck, quite well bodied, but failed in front construction and had weak hocks which affected the hind movement, did not have the drive I would like to see. Excellent coat and condition.

GB (3) 1 Knowlespring Keepsake. Good size, really attractive. Great head for a bitch, very good mover, nice overall construction. Attractive colour and good coat in nice condition. My type of a Skye Terrier. Was considered for res CC. 2 Glorfindel Risk of Reprisal. Long and low to ground but I would like to see a better head. Moved nicely, was not in best condition today. 3 Jeraro Summertime at Celticbridge.

PGB (2,2) 1 Lynaire She’s No Lady with Mitsui. Despite of her name, was every bit of a Lady. Attractive, nice outline, beautifully constructed, moved very well, good coat quality but was not in her best outfit. 2 Glorfindel Risk of Reprisal.

LB (3,3) 1 Knowlespring She Knows. So long and low, almost exaggerated in her length but she was level and the best mover in the class. Attractive head with nice expression. Cream coat in good condition. 2 Bynbriger Brie Gloral for Bhuidh. Pleasing outline when standing, nice head, moved nicely, but could not keep her topline straight. Extremely well coated in good condition and well presented. 3 Mariquita Queen of Flash of Jebusa.

OB (14) 1 Ch Esgia Umbra. Absolutely sound, so well put together. Not the smallest of bitches, but with this style and construction it is not an issue for me. Beautiful head and neck. Well bodied. Immaculate condition, moved with style. She was easily my CC winner and went BOS and res BIS. However, could not beat the dog CC winner in the movement. 2 Maridale Starlight Bequest. Another well constructed bitch with style and elegance. Beautiful outline, very good head, beautiful neck, good body. Moved with great style absolutely soundly. Did not quite have the condition of my winner, but coat quality was good. 3 Timeless Twilight of Morningsky at Mariquita.

VB (5) 1 Ch Oldmeer Ruby’s Rascal. Long and low, well constructed, beautiful bitch. Was holding her topline very well in the movement and was moving soundly and easily. In absolutely immaculate condition. Must be a joy to own this bitch. She took the bitch res CC and proves once again – Skyes grow old with style! 2 Ch Esgia Columbine. Another beauty at 10 years, taller than number 1. Held herself together beautifully both standing and moving. In absolutely tip-top condition for her age and a credit to her owner. 3 Finnsky Alexandra.

Vintage Sp B (5,2) 1 Ch Wemoway Geneva. Oh, what a type this bitch has! The most beautiful head and expression, outstanding in every way. I only wished I had a chance to take her back couple of years, she must have been beautiful in her bloom. In great condition still, movement a bit slowing down, but still steady and sound. My type of a Skye Terrier and a credit to her owner. 2 Esgia Magny Cours. Another beauty still in her best outfit. Taller than the winner, but well constructed. Moved with style and ease and was shown to me in a beautiful condition. Another one the owner has to be proud of. 3 Struanmore Happy Go Lucky.

The Skye Terrier Club Committee with judge Mrs K Sainio
photo by Colin Ashton