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Dogs re-homed after shed ordeal

Over 200 starving Yorkshire terriers and six dead dogs which were found in April in squalid conditions have at last found new and happy homes.

As reported in Our Dogs at the time, the dogs had been living in a windowless 40ft garden shed, and were only found after the death of their elderly owner. Many of the dogs had skin infections and disabilities.

Celia Hammond Animal Trust, which took in 86 of the dogs, has five animals still waiting to find owners.

"All of the other dogs have settled beautifully into their new homes and much more quickly than we would have thought," Celia Hammond, who set up the trust, said. "We get lovely little pictures sent to us of them sleeping in beds and lying in people's arms, running around in the garden - it's so rewarding when you think where they come from."

Gwen Wells, from Brighton, who took in one of the animals, said: "Candy has got no ear drums because they were so badly infected they had to be removed, but she's an absolutely delightful dog." She said she had taken in a second dog from the trust.