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Ballymena Dogs Trust make room for abandoned Mary

THE STAFF at Dogs Trust Ballymena, Northern Ireland have had to make room in an already full Rehoming Centre for Mary, a one year old German Shepherd dog who was found tied up to a gate by a road, abandoned near the Rehoming Centre on the coldest night of the year.

The Rehoming Centre is already full of abandoned dogs in the run-up to Christmas but the staff have made room for Mary in the Veterinary Room as they could not leave her in the freezing fog.

Mary Carney, Dogs Trust Ballymena Rehoming Centre Manager, said: ‘Sadly we are always full here at Dogs Trust Ballymena, especially around Christmas; but we had to take in Mary after she was abandoned in such a cruel way. We have made her up a bed and given her food and water and lots of TLC. As she is still so young we think it’s possible that she was an unwanted Christmas present from last year; bought as a puppy and abandoned once the novelty had worn off. Fortunately we are here to offer her a home for Christmas and to find her a new loving home for life next year.’

Dogs Trust Ballymena Rehoming Centre is closed for Rehoming - although open as normal for viewing - between 17 December and 2 January. Although a dog can bring so much joy to its owners, the charity is urging anyone interested in rehoming a dog to think carefully about their decision over the Christmas and New Year period as taking on a dog is a long-term commitment; the average dog will live for 13 years and cost around £8,000 over their lifetime. If anyone is still interested in finding out more about any of the puppies, or the other residents at Dogs Trust Ballymena in January 2006, then they should call 0282 565 2977.

l Dogs Trust’s Chief Executive, Clarissa Baldwin, invented the famous slogan ‘A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas®’ 28 years ago in response to the staggering number of dogs abandoned in the months following Christmas each year. Dogs Trust has produced a special A Dog is For Life, Not Just for Christmas® car sticker, available by calling 020 7837 0006.