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A bit of Disney magic...

In the absence of his faithful hound Endal (who after a very serious illness is very much on the mend now and resting) Walt Disney's team recently fixed it for Allen Parton to have his very own famous helping hound at Disneyland California.

After attending five day conferences of Assistance Dogs International and International Association of Assistance Dogs Partners in San Diego last week, Allen and Sandra Parton took time out to visit some local attractions, Disneyland being one of them.

When the Disney staff heard that Allen was unable to bring Endal with him on this trip they arranged a temporary stand in - and all with Mickey's blessing!

Allen said ‘It was just like having Endal there, having a dog at my side that everyone knew and who was just as naughty!

‘On a serious note though... leaving Endal at home is a really hard shout to make and it is like a part of me is constantly missing. Having Pluto at my side really took a lot of the hurt away and truly made me smile.

‘I am so sure Endal would have approved of his stand in and will not be in anyway offended!’