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KC upholds Harsh Handling case

‘Mitigating circumstances’ result in warning and censure

The Disciplinary Sub Committee met on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 January 2006 to consider a complaint brought against Mr C Richardson by the Kennel Club. After considering the evidence presented the following statement was made:

The Committee having carefully considered the evidence, find that the complaint brought by the Kennel Club under Kennel Club Rule A42 a (1) (a) against Mr C Richardson namely that he behaved discreditably or prejudicially to the interests of the canine world in that at the Terrier Club of South Wales Open Show held on 1 May 2005 he harshly handled a Kerry Blue Terrier by repeatedly kicking the dog is upheld.

Whilst it is acknowledged that kicking a dog is inappropriate the Committee accept that there were mitigating circumstances and would give Mr Richardson the benefit of the doubt for his immediate response.

However, the Committee is sure that when Mr Richardson kicked after the dogs were separated his action cannot be justified and the Committee therefore impose the following penalties;

1. To warn him as to his future conduct [A42 j (1)]

2.To censure him [A42 j (2)]