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Pedigree Stakes Finals 2005 - Photo Special 1

The overall winners of last weekend’s Pedigree Stakes Finals were: Champion Stakes Cullen’s Giant Schnauzer, Ch Jafrak Philippe Olivier; Junior Handler of the Year, Hannah Ros,e and Pedigree Veteran Stakes Mr and Mrs D Petersen’s Dalmatian Ch Buffrey Arrabelle at Daedalus. Also pictured from l-r are: Neil Thompson, Pedigree National Breeder Manager and judges Andrew Brace, Liz Dunhill and Stuart Mallard.

Say cheese! The Pedigree Junior Handler of the Year finalists smile for the camera.

The Pedigree Team turned out in force for one its most prestigeous events, and all are no doubt familiar faces: (l-r): Andrew Winfrow, Sally Richards, Ian McCrory, Fiona Grant, Neil Thompson, Gary Scobell, Cass Grant, Dale Lynskey and Steve Barrett

Stuart Mallard had the unenviable task of choosing the top veteran. He is pictured here with his ultimate winner, the Dalmatian Mr and Mrs D Petersen’s Ch Buffrey Arrabelle at Daedalus, (whose sire, Ch Tommy Brock was the oldest entrant in the Veteran Stakes on the day). Also pictured are second place the Pomeranian Ch Moonrae Ebony Hotshot and third the Welsh Cardigan Corgi, Ch Penliath Shooting Star

Those who read Liz Cartledge’s fascinating A Life in Dogs in last week’s issue will remember a teenage Liz with her good friend Angela Cavill. Well, here they are again, along with (l-r): David Cavill (Our Dogs publisher), Irene Terry and Gavin Robertson with his wife, Lisa.