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Brave woman saves boy in schoolyard dog attack

A WOMAN has been hailed a heroine after she was injured dragging a Rottweiler off a four-year-old boy in a school playground.

The dog bit Sasha Haller in the shoulder and leg causing puncture wounds. The boy, Mohammed Bilal Bi, escaped injury.

West Yorkshire police are investigating the attack at the Holy Rosary & St Anne's Catholic Primary School in Chapeltown, Leeds last week. The boy's mother said Miss Haller had saved his life.

Mrs Bi said: "If it wasn't for that woman the dog would have savaged my son From what I'm told the lady was the only person who went forward to help Bilal – everybody else just panicked."

Miss Haller watched in horror as the Rottweiler pounced on little Bilal as she went to collect her son, Alexander, four, from the school around 3pm last Monday. She said: "The Rottweiler was supposedly in the care of another parent who had brought three dogs, including a great Dane and a Shih-tzu, to the playground. It just jumped on the little boy and knocked him down.

Me and the other parents screamed at him to get it off. I ran towards the dog shouting at it and then it just turned round and attacked me. It bit me on the left shoulder, then let go only to bite me again around the knee and the calf before letting go. I've had a tetanus injection and my GP has put me on antibiotics.

There were young children coming out of school and even youngsters in pushchairs. It was a miracle the dog didn't attack anyone else. A school playground is supposed to be a safe haven."

Miss Haller is now pushing for the Rottweiler's owner, who allegedly just walked off, to be prosecuted and the dog destroyed.

Two days later, police arrested a 39 year-old man, believed to be the dog’s owner, in connection with the incident. Officers have released the man on bail while officers gather more statements from witnesses who saw the incident.