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Greyhound dies at Glastonbury's "Stadium Of Death"

A GREYHOUND was killed in a horrific accident during a recent race meeting at Glastonbury's Abbey Moor Stadium. Abbey Moor has been dubbed the "Stadium of Death" by local greyhound protection campaigners, due to the alleged dangerous nature of the track.

Since the track reopened last October, there have been several serious injuries to greyhounds running there and now a dog has died. The news broke in a local paper, although the track proprietors remained silent about the incident.

During a race on 27th January, a greyhound called ‘Snow Storm’ hit the barrier surrounding the track and allegedly lay crying for 10 minutes before dying. According to eyewitness accounts, even hardened greyhound racing enthusiasts were upset that the dog suffered for so long, despite there being a vet on-site.

It is suspected that Snow Storm sustained a heart attack after having allegedly raced twice in one night, which is normally not permitted at greyhound tracks.

The greyhound race meeting due to take place at Abbey Moor Stadium last Friday (February 10th) was called off. The evening's planned vigil outside the track by greyhound welfare campaigners was called off.

The official reason for the race meeting not going ahead was specified by track managers as being due to frosty conditions, but we are left wondering whether other factors may also have played a part in the decision.

Tony Peters of Greyhound Action told OUR DOGS: "News has leaked out about the death of a greyhound at the stadium two weeks ago and we have received inside information that organisers are having difficulty in getting sufficient dogs to fill the race-card, possibly because of the growing reputation of the track as being dangerous.

"We have also received news that the Animal Liberation Front carried out another attack on the stadium earlier in the week, in which extensive damage was done to the greyhound traps, the floodlight system and the stadium's tractor."

Mr Peters added: "Although Greyhound Action has no connection with the ALF and our policy is one of lawful campaigning, we regard their action at the stadium as being perfectly understandable and do not condemn or criticise it in any way. It cannot be denied that their attacks on Abbey Moor Stadium will have increased the pressure for greyhound racing to be ended there."