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Obituary: Margaret Collier

I was so sad to hear the news of the passing of Margaret Collier.

I have worked with Doug and Margaret for many years, first as a Committee Member and then as Chairman of the Border Collie Club of Great Britain.

Margaret was single minded in everything she tackled, no half measures, and she didn't suffer fools gladly - and said so! I had the utmost respect for the opinions she held and admired her fierce determination for the breed to succeed.

Her true character emerged when we all realised there must be something wrong, she and Doug must have had to face up to the shock of what the future held long before that and yet with great courage they both carried on as though there was nothing amiss. Doug and Margaret have carried the Border Collie Club from its inception to the premiere position it holds today.

Doug has cared for Margaret in a way that everyone has admired. His devotion is a lesson to us all. Margaret and I didn't always see eye to eye but I shall greatly miss her. Now I'm sure that we all wish Doug peace in the memory that he did everything he could and the knowledge that Margaret is suffering no more.

Ann Jordan