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Star of Kate Bush video

MEET ONE of the stars of Kate Bush’s latest video, Nadia Carlyle’s Iax (Twatha Iaxion). Iax - meaning fire - is a Utonagan, a careful combination of three breeds that closely resembles the Canadian Timber Wolf.

Kate Bush wanted to use wolves in a video to promote her new single "King of the Mountain", but this was not possible due to DEFRA licensing. Upon discovering Utonagan, she had no hesitation in booking Mahkahtala Iskote (Iskote) and Iax to appear.

Iskote and Iax are not the only Utonagan who have had a brush with fame. Dog Listener and President of the Utonagan Society Jan Fennell is the proud owner of Twatha Shamook, and Twatha Kamatz who are featured in her new DVD Jan Fennell – The Dog Listener and are Iskote’s son and daughter. Further, both Iskote and Ian have successfully helped cure cynophobia (fear of dogs).