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Brian Percival

On behalf of the Poodle Council I would like to pay a special tribute to Brian Percival, who died in his late fifties on Dec 30th.

Other people are writing about his activities as a breeder/exhibitor. I would like to say what a great debt the Poodle Council owe him for his work as Treasurer from 1986 - 2001. Brian took over at the same time that I started my 10 year stint as Chairman of the council. It would not have been possible to continue the good work of the council which at the time had sixteen member clubs. Brian completely revolutionised the council and go them going as a viable concern. He, together with his long term partner Ron McAuley, the present Chairman, was also largely responsible for supervising the production of the Council’s yearbook, a time consuming and thankless task.

Brian was Chairman of the Northumbria Poodle Club and together with Ron as Secretary Treasurer, they turned this into a flourishing club, holding successful Championship Shows.
Brian will be sadly missed by the Poodle fraternity and his many friends. Deepest sympathy goes to his partner, Ron.

Chris Seidler