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Frasier’s canine nemesis Eddie dies

DOG LOVERS and sitcom fans are mourning the passing of the canine star of classic US comedy show Frasier, who died aged 16 in Los Angeles.

The announcement was made by his trainer Mathilde Halberg.

The Jack Russell terrier, notorious for stealing and hiding the fictional psychiatrist’s socks, died of old age last week at his home in the US.

'Moose' who played the role of Eddie on the hit show, was described as having ‘incredible charisma’

‘He was a such a free spirit,’ Ms Halberg said of him.

Moose shared the role of Eddie with his son, Enzo.

His fictional owner in the show, Marty Crane played by John Mahoney, revealed the dog's full name was Eddie Spaghetti: ‘Because he has worms.’

During the height of Frasier's popularity, Moose received more fan mail than any of his human counterparts.

As well as starring in the show he also played the title role in 2000 film My Dog Skip.