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Greyhound Remembrance Day

GREYHOUND RACING in the UK began on 80 years ago 24th July 1926 at Belle Vue, Manchester.

On the nearest Sunday to this date, Greyhound welfare campaigners stage a World wide annual event known as Greyhound Remembrance Day, in memory of the hundreds of thousands of dogs who have suffered as a result of the existence of the Greyhound racing industry since 1926.

Greyhound Racing Stadiums will be covered internationally by ceremonies to mark the Day, and throughout the UK, and the event will involve the laying of flowers outside the gates and leafleting the area, informing local people of how these dogs are used as a disposable commodity. Some participants will be bringing their rescued greyhounds along to encourage members of the public to give homes to ex-racing greyhounds.

Norfolk-based Action for Greyhounds UK with be participating in this worldwide event and are due to meet at Bure Park, Yarmouth Road, Caister, Norfolk from 11.00am, and the silent procession will move off at 12.00 noon to proceed to Yarmouth Stadium.

There will be a one-minute silence outside Yarmouth stadium, where 80 purple balloons will be released with messages attached, representing 80 years of suffering and death since greyhound racing started in the UK during 1926.

Supporters are invited to bring their rescued greyhounds and other dogs with them (unless their dogs are of a nervous disposition due to the traffic along the Yarmouth Road). They are urged to bring banners, posters, and placards for visual impact, as this is a busy road.

The Norfolk & Suffolk Animal Trust has kindly offered campaigners the use of their toilet facilities, and to meet their dogs, after the memorial event. The Trust kennels are in Freemantle Road which is walking distant, if you choose to leave your vehicles at Bure Park, or a short drive to the kennels.

There will be NO laying or leaving of wreaths or flowers this year, due to the occupants of Yarmouth Stadium clearing these away as soon as the campaigners leave the Stadium.

Should you require any further information regarding the Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk, event - please contact: Action for GreyhoundsUK PO Box 3089 Norwich Norfolk NR3 3YP Tel: 01603 469864 - Mobile: 07779 779015 Email:

For National & International information: Tony & Louise Peters – Greyhound Action 01562 700 043 Email: Website: