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Woman beaten by violent dog thief

A LANCASHIRE woman is recovering after tackling a thief who stole her dog from outside a local shop. Alison Frankland was beaten and pushed to the ground as she tried desperately to rescue her Springer Spaniel from the clutches of the dog thief.

Alison had tied up the one year old Springer, named Ben outside her local Spar shop in Burnley. When she came out of the shop she noticed that Ben was no longer tied up and had disappeared.

Alison said: ‘I asked a man who was standing there if he had seen an orange and brown looking dog and he said that a woman had just taken him down the street. I asked him for his help and then I just ran after her as fast as I could. She was running really fast but I eventually caught up to her on a backstreet.’

At this point, Alison realised that she was in danger. She was pushed to the ground and beaten by the thief during the struggle to get Ben back.

‘It looked like she was going to pull something out of her pocket before the man who pointed out the dog thief came round the corner and I have no idea what it could have been. But once he was there she just said 'sorry' and ran off. It was a terrifying experience.

Alison is still in quite a lot of pain and has sustained injuries to her face and mouth. She explained to loc al news reporters that if the young man that helped her hadn't been there, she didn't know what harm would have come to her and her dog.

The woman who took Ben is described as in her 30s, 5ft. 5in. tall and of slim build. She had mousy brown shoulder-length hair and was wearing jeans. She is also described as ‘very rough looking’.
Dog thefts are on the increase in the UK and dogs tethered outside of shops are popular targets.