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GSD Emma rehomed after appeal

Emma before...

A DOG that was the victim of unnecessary neglect by her owner, has regained her health and found a loving home, thanks to an appeal by a local newspaper.

Kay Doughty, of Hillview Lane, Great Billington, Bedfordshire was sentenced at Luton Magistrates’ Court in April having pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to her German Shepherd dog Emma.

Emma had suffered from dry patches of skin, overgrown nails, inflamed ears from scratching and had been underweight.

A deprivation order on the dog was made, which meant four-and-a-half-year-old Emma had become the property of the RSPCA, which then began the process of looking for a new home for her. Emma’s story was reported in the local newspaper Bedfordshire Today.

On reading of Emma’s plight a 27-year-old woman, who the newspaper agreed not to name, offered to take in Emma as her pet.

The woman, who lives in neighbouring Buckinghamshire, said: "I love dogs, but I felt so sorry for her when I first saw her.

"All Emma wanted was a bit of affection and for someone to take notice of her. She is a beautiful dog, and she loves playing. She gets on with my other dog, a Golden Retriever. They play-fight a lot.

"Emma’s grown a whole layer of fur now, though there are still patches on her back. But I’m keeping an eye on her."

At sentencing, Doughty, 37, was also ordered to pay a £125 fine and £125 in costs.

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