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First International Conference on MRSA

THE BELLA Moss Foundation, in partnership with the University of Liverpool, is to host the First International Conference on MRSA in Animals this month.

The event will take place at the University’s Leahurst campus on June 19th, 20th and 21st and will be addressed by some of the veterinary profession’s leading researchers and clinicians.

The conference is aimed at bringing the latest clinical and research approaches to the understanding and treatment of MRSA in animals, and is the first international conference to tackle the problems caused by MRSA infections in animals.

‘We are very pleased that the University of Liverpool asked us to be partners in this project,’ said Jill Moss, President and Founder of The Bella Moss Foundation. ‘It’s exactly the kind of project that The Foundation wants to promote and support, and it is also an unrivalled opportunity to bring together some of the profession’s leading figures.’

The conference is aimed at practicing vets who want to hear of the latest developments in the fight against MRSA, and delegates will have an opportunity to learn the impact of MRSA on animals both small and large. The will also be able to attend sessions on epidemiology and treatment, as well as the current situation in human hospitals.

‘This event brings together researchers and practitioners, and also gives us an opportunity to learn from the experiences in human health care,’ said Moss. ‘We have been particularly pleased at the response from those we have asked to speak at the conference, and feel that the issue is now getting the level of attention that it deserves.’

Moss added that the experience of seeing her own pet dog Bella, die from the effects of MRSA had been a major motivator in making the conference a reality. ‘If Bella hadn’t suffered so, I would never have known that MRSA could infect animals and would have never started the Foundation,’ said Moss. ‘In promoting events like this we are building a lasting tribute to her memory.’

Details of the 1st International Conference on MRSA in Animals can be found at website: including a full list of speakers.

See also the Bella Moss Foundation website: and