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Obituary - Dillwyn Parry (Maydill)

It is with great sadness that I report the death on 1st June of Dillwyn Parry (Maydill), aged 85 years. He was a popular character in both Rough Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs, and a close friend.

Dillwyn was Chairman of the Collie Club of Wales for over 20 years, before becoming its current President – a role he took with pride and conviction. He hated to miss our shows, but always awaited news from them. Our last championship show was on his 84th birthday, and he thanked all personally for attending the show with a glass of wine and a piece of birthday cake. He was so pleased with the statue of a rearing stallion (horses were another passion) that he was presented with from the Club that he received on his 80th birthday, in thanks for his commitment to the club. It has pride of place in the wall unit.

During his life with dogs which spanned over 40 years, Dil’s ability to recall dogs, pedigrees and people will be a great loss to the breeds to which he had great devotion.

He began travelling around the shows with his friends Prue & Len Green (Coverdales Rough Collies) with his Shelties which were from the famous Riverhill kennels. Many an hour was spent recalling tales from days gone by. His bitches were mated to the famous dogs of the day, often sending them by train in one of his home made ‘boxes’. Dil’s carpentry skills always were in demand following such journeys as Sheltie kennel owners were impressed by his handy work.

He awarded CC’s in Rough Collies on a least half a dozen occasions, the first being at Bath when the Dog CC I recall went to a recently imported Blue Merle from Italy, UK. It. & Int. Ch. Incredibly Blu di Cambiano which was shown by Hazel Hunt. Shelties he officiated for on five occasions, the last being at Southern Counties in 2004 where he drew a lovely entry. Dillwyn was always proud to be invited to judge, and considered it an honour and privilege to do so. He was like a dog with two tails when invited to judge in Italy, where he met so many people who went on to become firm friends.

When his failing health stopped him from travelling too far to shows, Dil would eagerly await the results and thought the Internet was marvellous, he could see the dogs for himself. He was always eager to visit when puppies arrived, wanting to inspect each one, discuss its ancestry and speculate on its development. Although they no longer have any Roughs, one Sheltie still lives at Maydill. Over the past year, most of Dil’s time was spent in hospital, but his interest was still there. I always had to take the latest results in with me, and describe the dogs in detail.

Many will remember Dil for his helpfulness, many have benefited from his recommendation to judge at shows. He always circulated, making sure he spoke to as many people as he could, the side to showing that he loved the most. From the many sympathy cards Phyllis has received, many comment that he was a true gentlemen. Although many have been more successful in the ring, few will have had more enjoyment from their time with dogs. To Phyllis, his devoted wife, who battled so strongly for Dillwyn we offer our condolences and deepest sympathies. His funeral took place on 8th June, donations may be made to the Noah’s Ark Appeal as there were no flowers at Dillwyn’s request.

Phyllis Parry (Maydill) writes:

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been so kind, generous and thoughtful during the past year of Dillwyn’s illness. Sadly as most of you know he lost his courageous battle on June 1st. I have been inundated with cards flowers and messages and it adds to my strength to know that he was held in such high esteem by all who knew him. My thanks to all those who made the long and hot journey to his funeral – a day that he would have been proud of.’

Christine Collins – Secretary Collie Club of Wales