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Obituary - Karen Olsson

Karen Olsson - a tribute

IT IS with great sadness that I record the death of Karen at 49 years of age. She was in hospital for an operation and although the surgery was a success sadly she died from complications. The funeral was held at Lytham St Anne’s on 12 June 2006.

Karen first came into German Shepherd Dogs when she came to train her bitch at the then BAA at the Dewsbury Road training ground in Leeds. I was secretary at the time and before long I became a mother figure for Karen who was then in the late 1970s only 20 years old.

We remained friends when she moved back to Hull with her husband and we had in partnership a bitch, Westrays Lilac Wine. She had a successful career, and Karen was very proud of her.

Karen bred a few litters under her kennel name of Rossbar, but another claim to fame must be her having the lucky programme for the GSD show at Biggar and winning the trip to the Sieger. I encouraged her to go and so we travelled to Mannheim in 1985 and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, Karen as usual talking to everyone. It was our first, and never to be forgotten, trip to the Sieger. We went again when it was in Hamburg and stayed on for a few days after the show, although when the dog people had left it was not quite the same.

Karen was always enthusiastic about her dogs and although for some time she was without a dog she never lost touch, and was always interested in the GSD world. When she married in 1997 she was able to have her dogs again and this time her choice was Mastiffs. She became secretary of the Mastiff Association, which she enjoyed very much.

She came to talk to me at Driffield last year as she was there the same day as me showing a Bull Terrier; I hear since then that the bitch has won a CC which will have really pleased Karen.

To her husband Andy who looked after her, and her much loved daughter Claire, our deepest sympathies; her life was far too short.

Brenda Trafford
Retired Secretary & Vice-President of West Yorkshire GSD Club