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Manchester Dogs’ Home suffers loss of vehicles

Manchester Dogs’ Home was dealt a serious blow earlier this week when two its vehicles were vandalised and set on fire.

Last Monday night the Home Manager Mrs Lisa Graham, during a routine check of the Dogs’ Home, noticed black smoke coming from the direction of Farewells Pet Crematorium. She at once telephoned the fire service, thinking it was the Crematorium itself which, was on fire.

She then alerted Mr Colin Ballance, the Crematorium Manager, and together they discovered it was the Farewells Crematorium van which had been set alight and another dogs’ home car had been seriously vandalised, the sun roof and rear window being completely smashed.

The Farewells Crematorium van provides a valuable pick up and delivery service to the public upon the passing of their precious pets and therefore with the loss of this vehicle the dogs’ home has been dealt a serious blow to its income as all proceeds from Farewells Pet Crematorium go directly to helping the hundreds of dogs in their care. The car was also in daily use for journeys between the Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Homes.

The fire could have spread to the kennels which in turn could have resulted in a tragic loss of life among the 400 homeless dogs currently in care. 

The home is a registered charity which receive no government funding and has to rely on public donations and legacies to keep both Dogs’ Homes running. If you would like to help the Home in purchasing a new vehicle this would be greatly appreciated.

The telephone number to call is 0161 205 7136 or 0161 205 2205. Contact Address: Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Homes, Crofter’s House, Moss Brook Road, Harpurhey, Manchester, M9 5PG.