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Agility at Crufts 2006

Agility judging 2004

Running Orders

The running orders for the Eukanuba events at Crufts 2006:

Eukanuba Mini/Maxi Pairs Challenge - Thursday, 9.55am

1 Heather Reeves  Ajanti On Me Tod
Sandra Wilcox My Devil Duffy
2 Miranda Frankham Lirren Night Shift
  Wendy Fairlamb Racingredd Nuggett
3 Sue Culmer Little Black Zebedee Doo-Dah
  Lorraine Watts  On Cloud Nine
4 Lynn Parker Jimmy Whizz
  Sean Clinch  Bacalao Max
5 Lisa Le Signe Noble Billy Ottaman
  Sue Dennison   Bourbon Buddy Boy
6 Lu Candy-Carter Café Crème at Wildkap
  Stuart Carter Ag.Ch. Kapia Konquest
7 Lynda Stangle Hemdale Alexis The Avenger
  Pam Steels Spoilt For Choice Of Valgray
8 Dawn Weaver Tonring Just William
  Toni Dawkins  Ag.Ch. Spellcast Made In Heaven
9 Vanessa Layton Karamugi A Little Bit More
  Mel Doyle Pepsi Fizz of Valgray
10 Angela Sallis Zeta The Dark One
  Sally Parker Kellys Mistic Conquest
11 Helen Flatt    Ruprecht Maximus
  Niki Keeler Delark Penny Lane at Nickila
12 Karen Cole  Aprika Red Hot Chilli Pepper
  Chris Cole Magic Charmer
13 Diane Raper  Parkbrek Double Dash
  Eleanor Balchin  Fantastic Elastic
14 Jayne Bray Ag.Ch. Harvest Geld for Aprika
  Alan Bray Skys The Limit At Upanova
15 Louise Challis  Speedy Spud
  Alan Stiff   Chances Tic Tac

Eukanuba Mini Agility Challenge (Part 1) - Friday, 10.20am

1 Holly Davies Hollys Penny Black
2 Lu Candy-Carter Café Crème at Wildkap
3 Bernadette Bay Obay Truly Balanced
4 Helen Davey-Smith Rescue Me Henry
5 Wendy Fassam Just A Gizmo
6 Hilary Bowden Busy Buzz Bee
7 Dawn Weaver Piquant Painted Sunshine
8 Miranda Frankham Chandling Idiots Charger
9 Angela Sallis  Oliver The Dark One
10 Mandy-Sue Sarti Tear Around Tilley
11 Jeanette Tandy Buddy Of The Dale
12 Dawn Wood Trail Blazer
13 Rachel Mowbray Laurelton Winter Nutmeg
14 Lorraine Drew Trio of Valgray
15 Priscilla Barrett Weegee Wee Ganymede
16 Susie Josty Ag.Ch. Spratt Attack
17 Kate Lugmayer Just Joking
18 Hannah Mitchell   Shanandi Hit 'N' Run
19 Soraya Porter   Hartsfern In Earnest
20 Zoe Councell Millie The Whizz

Eukanuba Mini Invitation Pairs - Saturday, 11.45am

1 Kate Lugmayer Just Joking
  Zoe Councell Millie The Whizz
2 Dawn Wood  Trail Blazer
  Susie Josty Ag.Ch. Spratt Attack
3 Miranda Frankham Chandling Idiots Charger
  Hilary Bowden Busy Buzz Bee
4 Jeanette Tandy Buddy Of The Dale
  Soraya Porter Hartsfern In Earnest
5 Helen Davey-Smith Rescue Me Henry
  Wendy Fassam Just A Gizmo
6 Holly Davies Hollys Penny Black
  Mandy-Sue Sarti Tear Around Tilley
7 Hannah Mitchell Shanandi Hit N Run
  Rachel Mowbray Laurelton Winter Nutmeg
8 Lorraine Drew Trio of Valgray
  Lu Candy-Carter Café Crème of Wildkap
9 Jayne Bray Ag.Ch. Harvest Geld For Aprika
  Angela Gadenne Kangilis Whoopi With Raeanne
10 Dawn Weaver Tonring Just William
  Angela Sallis Oliver The Dark One

Eukanuba Circular Knockout - Sunday, 14.20pm

1 Carol Wallace/Molly The Menace v  Steven Richardson/Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Quick
2 Lisa Bailey/Mydoc Gypsy Rose v Heather Reeves/Ajanti On Me Tod
3 Vicky Shelton/Rat Out of Hell v  Alan Bray/Upanova Limited Edition
4 Carl Millard/Tazmainion Devil v  Gill Alcorn/My Little Cody
5 Angela Gadenne/Raeannes Hopeful By Phar For Sirensong v  Teri Wightman/Little Lizzie
6 Martine Wates/Sunshine Jim v  Jane Morley/Oh Golly Golly Josh
7 Nicky Crossley/Jenmill Black Intention v Lynda Stangle/Hemdale Alexis The Avenger
8 Rachel Mowbray/Laurelton Winter Nutmeg v Jeanette Tandy/Buddy of The Dale
9 Carla Whyte/Upanova On A Mission v Sarah Sharratt/Micro Meggie
10 Michelle Freeman/Pretyier Than All v  Lisa Jones/Jake In The Box
11 Cheryl Tustain/Raeannes Valentine Play Boy v  Pauline Southouse/Lord Lawson
12 Dawn Wood/Trail Blazer v  Vanessa Layton/Karamugi A Little Bit More
13 Lorraine Drew/Trio of Valgray v  Helen Flatt/Ruprecht Maximus
14 Gladys Tombs/Skipi Beau Bounce v  Lorraine Gillan/Lorraines Fantastic Elastic
15 Darien Frankham/Chandling Black Chaser v  Angela Sallis/Oliver The Dark One
16 Susie Josty/Ag.Ch. Spratt Attack v  Lisa Gantly/Chasing Rainbows

International Agility at Crufts 2006

The following competitors have been invited to represent their countries at the International Events at Crufts this year.

1 Janita Leinonen Finland
2 Ton v.d. Laar Netherlands
3 Susanne Therkildsen Denmark
4 Jenny Damm Sweden
5 Diana Collie Republic of Ireland
6 Naomi Kameda Japan
7 Toni Dawkins England
8 Clark Davis Northern Ireland
9 Stuart Harmes Wales
10 John McEwan Scotland
11 Ann Braue USA
12 Bruce Jun South Korea
13 Tumanova Svetlana Valerievna Russia
14 Liz Mitchell Isle of Man

International Junior Handling participants 2006

Australia Emma McKay (16F) Australian Shepherd
Austria Sandra Burger (14F) American Cocker
Belgium Malin Wilmet (18F) Whippet
Canada Emily Burdon (17F) Pointer
Croatia Juraj Sokolic (17M) Smooth Fox Terrier
Denmark Katrine Croefeldt (15F) Pointer Kryh
Estonia Aveken-Kristin (15F) Whippet Aavik
Finland Lida Villman (17F) Scottish Terrier
Germany Dagmara Kocur (17F) Beagle
Hungary Adriana Memeth (16F) Golden Retriever
Iceland Rakel Osk (15F) Tibetan Spaniel Thrastardottir
Ireland James Hammond (15M) Kerry Blue
Israel Paz Davidoviz (16M) Shetland Sheepdog
Italy Silvia Galimberti (16F) English Setter
Japan Taichi Kato (14M) Am Cocker
Malta Stacey Vella (14F) Whippet
Mexico Juan Miranda (17M) Pointer
Manaco Romy Raeymakers (15F) Basenji
Netherlands Geerke Eggenhuizen (16F) Std Poodle
New Zealand Aimee Upson (16F) Keeshond
Norway Cecilie Landsverk (15F) Whippet
Poland Marta Szmanska (17F) Pointer
Portugal Silvia Coelho (14F) Whippet
Russia Ekaterina Kononova (18F) Bearded Collie
Slovakia Barbora Szotakova (16F) Std Poodle
Slovakia Pia Adlesic (15F) Chinese Crested
South Africa Cait Pansegrouw (17F) Australian Shepherd
Spain Jaime Herrero Gomez (18M) Weimaraner
Sweden Ellinor Baath (17F) Bichon Frise
Switzerand Manuela Schaer (17F) Toy Poodle
UK Hannah Rose (17F) GSP
USA Kaylee Brandon (18F) Am Cocker

Singles Agility qualifiers

The top 16 handlers have been invited to take part in the Crufts Singles Agility event at the NEC this year. Where some of the dogs finished with the same number of points, a draw was made by The Kennel Club to decide the order: 

Handler - Dog
Alan Bray Ag.Ch. Lunarlite Selenas Tiger at Upanova
Toni Dawkins Ag.Ch. Spellcast Made in Heaven
Sue Rolfe Kestrel GTX
Blair Willis Alsorts of Magic
Sharon Eldridge Lunarlite Midnight Eclipse
Phil Robinson Super Sensational Stubby
David Alderson Waggerland Spice
Will Rolfe Madmag Magic Moment
Jo Rhodes Moravia's The Ci
David Munnings Mister Billy Whizz
Greg Derrett Withers Farm Sproglett
Jane Powell Bailstails Nogette
Alan Bray Skys The Limit at Upanover
Ann Williams Pied Pike
Tracey Stiff Mr. Scrumpy
Samantha Stevens Dylon E Do Well

Reserves: Mark Laker with Bekkis Carbon Copy and Philip Patterson with Jax Brad New Jumper

Mary Ray to train South Korean Agility entrant for Crufts!

World expert in dog training and acclaimed Heelwork to Music expert Mary Ray will train South Korea’s agility representative for the International Dog Agility competition at Crufts 2006. The event will take place in the Special Events Ring on Thursday 9th March.

Bruce Jun, Head of the Samsung Dog Sports Team, will train with Mary prior to Crufts at her home in Rugby and receive additional training from other UK agility experts. Countries taking part in the Crufts international agility event include Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Holland, the USA, Sweden, Russia, Japan, and of course, the UK. During his training with Mary, Bruce will have a week’s intensive work with his selected border collie to build their partnership and to ensure the dog is happy to work with his temporary new handler.

As well as general obedience training, Mary will build Bruce’s skills in key agility techniques such as course design, planning and evaluation. Crufts 2006 will be the first time for Bruce to show his skills in the UK, but he has already represented Korea in the USDAA World Agility Championships in Phoenix, Arizona, in November 2005. As Mary Ray explains, "The Samsung Dog Sports Team is Korea’s top agility team and Crufts will not only serve as a high-profile platform for people to see their emerging talent, but also to see the country’s heart-felt determination to shine at the world’s greatest dog show."

Mary has worked closely with Samsung for several years now, and travelled to Korea as a special guest in 2005 at the Samsung Family Fun Day, an annual gala day for pet owners who have adopted a dog from the company’s premier kennel facility for companion animals.