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Charity needs urgent help

AN ANIMAL Charity that helps pets with behavioural problems may be forced to close due to a change of ownership in the premises they occupy, leaving their resident animals homeless and threatening the good work of the charity itself.

Animals In Mind (AIM) is a registered charity, established in 1996, to help animals with behavioural difficulties and also to educate their owners to meet their needs better. Overt he past ten years the charity has had numerous success stories, often turning around seemingly impossible cases of dogs or cats that would not respond to other methods of training or ordinary care.

AIM works with other animal charities as well as individual owners. Wherever possible, they try to ensure that problem pets remain in their own homes, although they will arrange re-homing if their owners cannot cope.

Now, however, one of the co-owners of the charity's premises in Worle, Somerset wants to sell up and move out. Unless the charity can raise £70,000 urgently, then the resident 11 dogs and 9 cats will be made homeless.

If you can make a donation to AIM to enable them to continue their vital work, please send this to: Animals in Mind, 31 Magdalen Way, Worle, North Somerset, BS22 7PG 01934 516714 (registered charity 1063919) Website: