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Crufts 2006 launched

Crufts - where every year is the year of the dog!

THIS YEAR’S Crufts show was launched in style last Tuesday in Green Park near the Kennel Club’s home in Clarges Street.

Now in its 116th year, Crufts, which is organised by the Kennel Club and supported by Pedigree Masterfoods, attracted 120,000 visitors over the four days of the show in 2005, easily keeping this annual extravaganza’s place in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest dog show in the world. Dogs representing thirty five countries are due to compete at this year’s event, resulting in a record number of overseas competitors and making this a truly international event.

Whilst this may be the ‘Chinese Year of the Dog’, as far as the Kennel Club and Crufts is concerned, Crufts provides the perfect platform to celebrate the dog year on year and the many benefits that ‘man’s best friend’ brings to our lives on a daily basis.

To celebrate and demonstrate the diversity of dogs and their owners at the launch, accompanying some of the Chinese Breeds – such as ‘Stanley’ the Pug - will be assistance dogs, RAF dogs, an owner who has been voted ‘the UK’s Top Pet Look – Alike’ with his Dandie Dinmont Terrier, which is one of the UK’s vulnerable breeds and, a Young Kennel Club Member proudly displaying the Crufts ‘Best in Show’ Trophy!

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, commented: "Dogs really do so much to assist us and enrich our lives, so we decided to focus our national launch on their diversity. We’re sure there will be something for everyone among the many photo opportunities. Spokespeople from various organisations will be in attendance for comment and interview."