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Heelwork to Music at Crufts

The Committee and friends (l-r): Karen Sykes (Secretary), Allan Brown (Vice Chairman),
Lesley Neville (Newsletter Editor), Roger Neville (Chairman), Kath Hardman (Show Secretary)
and David Hardman (Treasurer)

Canine Freestyle, sometimes known as Heelwork To Music, is a sport for those who love dogs and music.

The dog and handler team choreograph their performances to a variety of music, illustrating their training and joyful relationship. Watch for the dog moving to the beat of the music, you will see graceful and intricate manoeuvres performed with precision and artistry. Every movement is accomplished through the subtle use of verbal cues and body language.

Freestyle is also an excellent discipline to illustrate the conformation and movement of the dog.

We are a group of dog enthusiasts with members who have backgrounds in obedience, agility, working trials, sheepdog trials and flyball. We have been brought together by our common interest in canine freestyle and heelwork to music.

Our aims are to promote this sport through :- Demonstrations, to create new interest and entertain the public

Passports of Achievement: Training days for beginners to help them to get started; Training days for improvers; Fun Days; Competitions aimed at both newcomers and the more experienced handlers; Liasing with other like-minded organisations and clubs; Kennel Club licensed Competition

The following Canine Freestyle GB Members who have qualified their superb dogs for CRUFTS 2006

Advanced HTM - Tina Humphrey with Chandi, Gina Pink with Twist, Karen Sykes with Fly
Advanced Freestyle: Richard Curtis with Disco, Claudine Darlington with Jamie, Tina Humphrey with Chandi, Lesley Neville with Robbie and with Angus, Pat Richards with Willow and with Ross and Karen Sykes with Kes.

Good luck for 10th March 2006

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