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Well done, Kathy!

Kathy Gorman (centre) with Trevor Day (left) and Sean Farnell of Burgis & Bullock

Last month Kathy Gorman, managing director of Fosse Data Systems won the 'One Thing' prize in a Business Growth Network symposium organised by Rugby based accountants Burgis & Bullock.

The regular breakfast networking meetings help all those in local business to exchange ideas and develop strategies.

The award was given to Kathy of Fosse Data for implementing various systems' ideas to her business which will maximise the business potential. As an ISO registered company the level of customer feedback was previously obtained by measuring customer satisfaction as gold, silver and bronze stars. The business coaching sessions helped Kathy to develop a more specific list of questions to obtain a more effective result.

The company has just compiled the Crufts catalogue for the eighth year in succession and is a major supplier to general championship shows, canine societies and breed clubs.

Fosse Data also was the pioneer of the on-line entry service which now accounts for an increasing proportion of show entries via the internet.

Speaking last week Kathy said, 'I see this as an acknowledgment of my hard working staff all of whom form a great team and enable Fosse Data to maintain its ISO registration which ultimately ensures quality and excellent service for the customer.'