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Scandinavian dogs ‘healthiest in Europe’
Just give ‘em a fish…

by Ben Radford

A NEW research programme has revealed that dogs living in Scandinavian countries are benefiting from having more fish and less meat in their diets.

After over 20 years in the seafood industry, the Directors of Fish4dogs have found that in the Scandinavian countries fish is a more common element of a dog's diet than meat.

Jill Angell, Marketing Director of Fish4Dogs who conducted the survey said: "We started making these natural treats from offcuts of cod – and when our customers told us that their dogs’ coats were shinier, older dogs were more mobile, and dandruff/dermatitis conditions cleared up within two weeks"

It has become increasingly common to introduce fish into our dog's diets, as the essential oils and fats have been proven to promote healthy bones and a healthy coat.