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‘Pit Bulls’ shot by police after attack

POLICE IN Belfast shot dead two dogs, alleged to be Pit Bull Terriers that had attacked a woman and her pet dog on Monday afternoon this week.

The incident happened at around 2pm on the Upper Suffolk Road in the west of the city. The woman was uninjured during the attack, however it is understood that her Collie died from its injuries. A man who tried to separate the animals was treated for injuries he suffered to his hand.

It was been reported that a police officer fired around 12 shots at the dogs, and that both animals died at the scene. No information relating to whether or not the dogs’ owner has been traced was made public, although it is understood that police are making enquiries locally.

The incident has been referred to the Police Ombudsman's Office, as all cases in which officers fire their weapons must be reported.

Stephen Phillpot, Chief Executive of the USPCA in Northern Ireland, said that the dogs were illegal under the Dangerous Dogs Act. He added it was only a matter of time before a child is seriously injured or killed by one of these dogs.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that around 50 sheep have died following an attack by two dogs in South Armagh.

It is understood that most of the animals died as a result of being bitten by the dogs, however some are thought to have drowned in a nearby river as they tried to escape the attack.