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Injured Collie rescued by Traffic Officers

Traffic Officer Graham Freeth with Sam the Collie cross he rescued.

AN INJURED dog rescued by two Highways Agency Traffic Officers is making good progress at Gnosall Kennels, in Staffordshire.

The black and brown collie-cross dog was spotted stranded in the fast lane of the M6 near Stoke-on-Trent by Traffic Officers Ian Johnstone and Graham Freeth, who are based at the Hilton Park outstation, during an early morning patrol last week.

Traffic Officer Graham Freeth, from Erdington, said: "We noticed the dog stranded between lane three and the central reservation of the motorway. The dog had obviously been hit and was injured. It was in a dangerous place and we needed to move it because motorists could have swerved to avoid it.

"After arranging for another crew of Traffic Officers to put in place a rolling road block further up the M6, we were able to rescue the dog and take it to a nearby animal hospital."

The dog suffered from a broken shoulder blade and head trauma, but has made speedy recovery at Lockwood Animal Hospital in Willenhall where he was named Sam. He has now been moved to Gnosall Kennels where he will stay until he is well enough to be re-homed.

It is believed that the dog was thrown from a moving vehicle by its callous original owners.

Traffic Officers are highly trained professionals who patrol the motorways in high visibility, liveried vehicles. Their aim is to keep traffic moving to make journeys as safe and reliable as possible.

Duties of Traffic Officers include applying temporary road closures, removing vehicles, clearing debris and supporting police and other emergency services at incidents on the motorway.