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Corrie couple rescue stray
Tina, Ryan and Ryan’s canine namesake

Photo by Alan Walker

CORONATION STREET stars Ryan Thomas and Tina O'Brien, who play Jason Grimshaw and Sarah Platt in the popular TV soap opera, were commended by the Manchester Animals in Distress Sanctuary after Ryan and his real life girlfriend Tina helped save a lost and abused puppy.

Ryan found the dog outside Granada studios, where Coronation Street is filmed. He went home to fetch Tina, and the couple coaxed the pup into Ryan's car, where they realised that the pup had been burned with a cigarette.

They contacted the sanctuary, of which Tina is a patron, and explained that they had found the pup. The staff at the centre were so impressed that they named the dog Ryan in honour of his new-found friend.

The young couple are considering taking Ryan on as a pet once he has recovered from his ordeal.

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