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Missing Pets Bureau backs Dogs for the Disabled

ASSISTANCE DOGS have a huge impact on the lives of people with disabilities, but being so valuable, and with dog theft apparently on the increase in Britain, it is vital we do something to protect those who give so much.

Around 900 dogs are now being stolen every week, so Missing Pets Bureau has teamed up with the charity Dogs for the Disabled to give all 200 of their clients’ assistance dogs its premium Metback MedAlert protection, worth £149 for every dog.

With the service, every assistance dog will wear PetBack MedAlert ID tags that link to their microchip numbers and are supported by specialist pet reunification and emergency services open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To deter theft, Missing Pets Bureau will also store samples of the dogs’ DNA alongside signed witness certificates, giving absolute proof of ownership if there is ever a dispute.

And should an assistance dog ever be involved in an accident, Missing Pets Bureau will liaise with the authorities, veterinary practices and Dogs for the Disabled to ensure they get the help they need as quickly as possible - day or night.

Missing Pets Bureau founder Rupert Honywood said: ‘Dogs for the Disabled is a fantastic charity that changes lives for their clients and we are delighted to offer all of their assistance dogs our very best 24-hour protection with PetBack MedAlert’.

Sarah Watson, spokesperson for Dogs for the Disabled, said: ‘The rise in dog crime is a real worry and with the high level of care and companionship our dogs provide, not to mention the huge investment that goes into their training, we feel a lot safer with the Missing Pets Bureau team looking out for them!’

For more information, please contact Simon Worsfold in the Missing Pets Bureau press office on 0870 1 999 000 (ext 207) or Sarah Watson in the Dogs for the Disabled press office on 01295 759808.